How to Open Suitcase Lock without Key?

The note you’ve written down is lost or misplaced if you’ve forgotten the password to access your suitcase lock. And you don’t know how to open a suitcase lock without a key, and also you can’t get your luggage’s built-in combination lock to open. 

Now, if it is happening the first time, you may have tried as many variations as possible but ended up forcing it through the zipper with a pen. You can’t close the bag again, so you’ll have to rely on duct tape and binding ties to keep it all in place.

If it has happened to you before, you’re beginning to consider more serious measures to open the luggage if it happens again. Rather than destroying the bag with an angle grinder, you may look for and find a simpler and better alternative. If you’re in a stress-free environment, it can help you figure out the perfect combination in only a few minutes. Here’s how you can do it:


In essence, no tools are necessary. However, a pair of pliers are useful for holding the shifter lever.

Unlock the Combination Pin

Bring the unlocking lever to a complete stop

Simply raise the shifter lever until you can no longer continue the particular numbered wheels, then hold it in that place.

This guide is not the technique for you if you are not able to move the lever at all. You can get locksmith services if you’re not able to unlock it by yourself.

Reduce the pressure

Decrease the amount of pressure you apply to the unlocking lever. Reduce the pressure only enough to allow the numbered wheels to move.

Determine the first digit

Maintain the lessened pressure by softly turning the first or third wheels. You’ve most certainly discovered the very first number when you hear a clicking that is significantly higher than the others you’ve experienced before.

The 2nd and 3rd numbers

You should repeat step three to determine the other two digits. The suitcase lock should open when you’ve discovered the last digit.

What if you don’t succeed?

If you can’t pick the lock using these steps, consider starting with the last wheel rather than the first. Alternatively, take a look at the other possibilities listed below.

Obviously, this quick guide does not apply to every suitcase lock system. But it’s worth a shot because you won’t need any equipment and you’ll be able to open the suitcase lock in no time.

If all else fails, you can use a pencil or pen to get the stuff from your suitcase at the very least. Sometimes, the service of rekey lock in Oak Park can be helpful if someone knows the passcode.

Other Ways to Pick the Lock

With these techniques, you won’t be able to unlock every combination. It can also be beneficial to pay close attention to a gap in the disc (below the numbered wheels), particularly if there is a method to observe it. When they’re all properly aligned, simultaneously move the wheels forward when the suitcase lock opens.

Try the factory defaults

Suitcases are normally set at triple zero at the factory. Perhaps that’s all it needs to get your bag open. Is the suitcase you’re searching for the right one? Only a handful of luggage is truly one-of-a-kind. That’s why you can double-check that you didn’t steal someone else’s suitcase from the suitcase belt. However, you must return to the airport and notify the Found & Lost department as fast as possible!

Adjust one digit at a time 

For example, vibrations on the airplane can cause a number to alter. For the rest of the cases, it’s just a single number. But that would be enough to protect your valuables from spilling out of your bag. Rotating one numbered wheel at a time is a good approach. And let the rest of the digits alone.

Locate the small hole

Try to examine the slots somewhere under the numbering wheels if you can see parts of the gearwheels. Arrange them all together in the same order. Then spin all of the wheels at the same time until it unlocks.

Experiment with all different pairs

There are 1,000 potential possibilities of digits in a three-digit lock system. If you really can take one sequence every two seconds, you should be able to unlock the luggage in 33 minutes.

Suitcase Salesperson

It’s a smart option to go to a store if you still have not yet found a solution. Maybe they’ll have a TSA key or know a technique.

Obtain a TSA key by following these steps:

Almost all luggage now comes with “TSA certified locks.” These have a lock that needs a key in addition to the numbered lock. Only the Transportation Security Administration in the United States should have such authority. However, 3d printing models have been available on the Web over several years. You might be able to print out the corresponding keys yourself if you have them.


Obtaining a 3-digit passcode isn’t rocket science, and your baggage isn’t a bank vault. So take it into consideration when packing and storing valuables in your carry-on luggage.

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