How to Get an Emotional Support Animal?

If you experience mental stress, anxiety, and depression or feel lonely, you may need the companionship of an register emotional support animal. An ESA can be any animal specie that relieves and provides comfort from symptoms associated with emotional or mental conditions.

How to Get an ESA Letter?

To qualify for an Emotional Support Anima, you need an ESA doctor letter licensed by mental health professionals. Also, it is highly recommended to choose a provider who is familiar with ESA regulations. You may find a therapist or a person who works with an LMHP through an ESA doctor.

You Can Qualify For An ESA By Meeting With An Online LMHP.

If you want to work with an ESA therapist, they will ask you to complete a questionnaire that will be shared with the mental professionals or doctor. The LMHP is licensed to help and contact you to complete the assessments.

Moreover, if you decide to use an online ESA service, ensure you are connected with an LMPH license. If you have decided to use an ESA service, ensure you are connected with an LMPH licensed in the state.

Once approved and assessed, you need to send an ESA letter for immediate use through the mail and physical mail.

What Are The Tips For Qualifying ESA Letter Online?

Here are some tips for qualifying ESA letter online:

  • Use reputable online ESA service providers such as ESA Doctors to connect with licensed mental health professionals.
  • Fill out the online questionnaire and connect with your LMPH.
  • If approved, get your ESA letter for immediate use via email.
  • Submit your ESA letter to the landlord for reasonable accommodations.

Require Special Training For Emotional Support Animals

Unlike a service animal, an ESA does not need to be trained for specific tasks. However, having an ESA is complex, like having a pet and calling it an (ESA). To legitimately qualify your pet for an ESA, you must find an ESA-recommended letter from an (LMHP)licensed mental health professional. If you have a valid and approved ESA letter, landlords must accommodate your emotional support animal even if you live in a no-pet area.

Generally, Most U.S. states follow the exact instructions when it comes to following the guidelines over ESA regulations. This article will tour the specific requirements to get esa certificate in U.S. states.

Documentation For Your Emotional Support Animal(ESA)

To obtain a prescription or, more precisely, a recommendation letter for an ESA, you need to speak with a mental health professional *(LMHP).

Licensed mental health professionals include psychologists, counselors, psychiatrists, social workers, and registered nurses. If you are working with an LMP in person, call ahead of time to know if the LMPH is familiar with and knowledgeable about ESA letters or ESAs.

Essential Documentation For ESA

An Emotional Support Animal letter from a licensed mental professional is essential for your pet to qualify as an Emotional Support Animal. A qualified LMPH/ therapist can assess for the following.  

  • Whether you have an emotional disability or mental recognized in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM IV and DSM V).
  • Whether your disability limits one or more major life activities.
  • Whether an emotional support animal will help subsidies one or more signs or effects of emotional disability or mental.

If the Licensed mental health professionals you work with are not known with Emotional Support Animal regulations, you can see if you qualify for an ESA letter from a state LMPH through the website.


In U.S. states, you need a written recommendation for your register emotional support dog by a licensed therapist or a physician to have a legitimate emotional support animal. Your ESA recommendation letter needs to document that you struggle with a mental issue requiring your ESA.

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