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Duct Sealing Method And Its Benefits

A proper duct sealing can help to improve air quality by decreasing fumes that enter the ducts and spread in your house. Household chemicals, pollutants from a garden, and insulation particles can enter the ducts, increasing allergy issues. Various duct sealing methods with their benefits are present, like energy-saving and safety. 


You can use different methods of sealing ducts if you have leaky ducts and want to solve the problem. The way that best suits you and you can easily fix your leaky ductwork, let’s go through some of the most popular options in the market: 

1: Duct Sealing Tape:

HVAC duct sealing tape is one of the ways that you can seal leaky ductwork that is also known as aluminum foil tape. It can be present in every hardware store and comes on a roll. This process for sealing leaky ducts can be messy and less time-consuming. But it does not relate to other sealing methods in terms of longevity and performance.

The tape will most likely fail if you have ducts that get oily or dirty easily. Moreover, if you want to use this option for whatever issue, your best choice is to go with either butyl tape, foil tape, or any other type of tape on which the UL logo is present. This logo represents that this tape is best for residential use on ductwork, and it stands for Underwriters Laboratories. Regular video is not smoke or fire-rated and will not hold up for very long, so never try to seal your ducts with it. 

2: Mastic Duct Sealant:

Moreover, if you use a tape for quick and easy fix, it can be less durable and more expensive in the long run. Mastic duct sealant is a better option for use. It is a gooey substance. After applying it to your ducts, it hardens. You can apply Water-based mastic sealant with a simple paintbrush easily. It is the best option because it will hold up for a long time and clean up easier.

A caulk gun is also used for applying the duct mastic, but it is not necessary. Moreover, do not confuse duct mastic sealant with regular “duct seal.” A duct seal used for sealing the outside of the home around tiny gaps and electrical wires. Do not use duct seal on your leaky ductwork. Air duct sanitizing Marietta gives different services that kill the mold or mildew inside your air ducts.

3: Aero seal Duct Sealant:

Aero-seal uses technology to pressurize, identify, and seal every leak in the vent system. It has one of the best technological accomplishments and best scientific. Moreover, it was first ready by the U.S. Department of energy. Aero seals can easily remove the struggle and mess from mastic sealing ducts on your own. Firstly, the specialist will close all your vents and registers to pressure your system.

Pressurized computer technology is used to find all the cracks, leaks, and holes in your ductwork. After that the technician will measure all the current leakage before and after the duct leakage. When this process is complete, they will start mastic sealant distribution for ducts all over the ducts and vents. The technology is best only to use the measured amount of sealant required and clean up a breeze. Aero Seal’s customers notice a frequent improvement in their air quality. 


Air leaks mostly occur in residential HVAC ductwork that most people realize. Leaky ducts are a serious issue, but for many homeowners, it seems no big deal. Sealing is most necessary. 

These seven benefits explain why it is important:

1: Comfort:

You should maintain more consistent temperatures from room to room through seal ducts. Moreover, a room can be too warm or too cold due to leakage, depending on the season. If the ductwork is not in better condition, it can be mostly impossible to get a comfortable environment when watching TV, working in the kitchen, or trying to sleep. Air duct sanitizing gives duct sanitization services that are the best way to deal with hidden molds.

2: Clean Air:

Dirty air can contaminate your HVAC system if there is a leak in a return duct. That air is then moving back into your home with pollen, particulates, dust, or even disease-causing substances. Mold, bacteria, rodents, and other pests can penetrate a leaky duct. When repair professionals can seal and clean your ducts so that asthma, allergies, and other health problems can be managed in a better way. Air duct cleaning Marietta gives the services of duct cleaning. They remove the contaminants from the heating and cooling system and decrease air duct pollutants.

3: Safety:

A leak can permit combustion gasses if AC ductwork works near appliances. These gasses then circulate all over your entire ventilation system. These gasses can be risky when spread in a home. However, some gasses are combustible and can cause explosions and fires. Some others can cause serious health problems and even death. Carbon monoxide is a gas that nobody can see or smell, so a combination of leaky furnace or duct issues can cause serious dangers.

4: Efficiency:

When air leaks from ductwork, a lot of energy is wasted, more energy usage can strain HVAC systems and is dangerous to the environment. Moreover, fossil fuels are used to transfer power to homes. The sealing of ducts makes sure your air conditioning system is eco-friendly and efficient. Air duct cleaning helps clean your air and gives the best air quality inside your home.

5: Savings:

Your energy bills will decrease when you are not wasting so much energy. The cost of having your ducts seal covers the amount you save on electricity. If you think of a heating/cooling system sealing, upgrading, or even re-designing your ductwork, you may choose a smaller HVAC system because it provides the comfort you need and cost less.

6: Longevity:

Sealed ductworks decrease the work that your HVAC systems do. It can reduce wear and tear and save from major issues. The system is not straining to maintain the temperature in your home; it can also last longer, which turns to long-term savings.

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