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Canon printer

Canon printers are well-known for their reliability and excellent service. Many Canon users still have problems with their Canon printers. Canon G2000 Error5B00 is one of many common Canon printer problems that users experience.

This error is sometimes caused by the printer head. You may also receive a error Canon printer users who have damaged the printhead. Open your Canon printer to check the print head. also visit printer repair dubai.

You used your Canon MG2400 to print a lot.

Solution 1

Step 1 – Enter service mode

Download and install

Service Tool V3400/Service Mode Tool Version 1.050 on your PC.

1). Disconnect your USB cable.

Turn off your printer

2). Hold the “Power” button down.

3). Wait for the blue light to come on in a few seconds.

4). 6. Press “Stop” six times. The orange and blue lights will alternate, the blue light should appear on the sixth.

5). 5. Release the “Power” button

6). For a time, the blue light will flash. 7.

7). You will enter Service Mode when the light stops flashing and the LCD screen becomes blank.

8). Connect the cable again to the Computer.

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Step 2: reset

Reset ink counter to 0.

1). Run Service Tool V3400 / Service Mode Tool Version 1.050

2). It will be installed and you will see the options “Ink absorber counter” and “Counter Value”.

4). A message should inform you that the function is over.

5). Turn the printer off.

Solution 2 Cleanen the printhead

Repair materials:

1). Demineralized water (+- 200 ML).

2). You can buy denatured alcohol in supermarkets and pharmacies.

3). Container small enough to hold 2 cm of water

4). To see the ink coming from the print head, use tissue paper (preferably white).

How do you fix it?

1). All printer cartridges must be removed

2). 2. Soak the bottom of your print head for 2 minutes in solvent (modified 70% pharmacyalcool), then place it on a piece of paper (white tissue). Run off any ink residues and redo the 3X operation.

3). 4. Reassemble the dry printer head and reassemble cartridges

The Canon MG2400’s head can be cleaned by removing it, cleaning with alcohol at 70 degrees until ink is gone, and then resetting the printer using Canon printer reset tool.

1). Turn off your printer

2). 2.) Press the “resume” button (red circle in triangle) and press “power” without releasing.

3). 3. Click the “resume” button.

4). 4. Press twice on the “power” button and then remove both buttons.

5). Four times, press “resume”. To validate, press power.

Paper pinched.

Canon printers with older hardware are more prone to paper jams. Check for paper jams if you have an older printer. Check for dust and paper pieces in the printer. If the paper is damaged or the roll of paper pulls out a few pages, the printer could be in trouble. Take out a piece of paper, and clean the printer. Next, restart the printer to check for 5B00 errors. Then restart the printer and check for 5B00 errors.

There are two ways to reset your Canon printer. The first is via the Service Tool reset. The second is through the Reset Brother Printers Manually article. The Service Tool can reset the waste counter if the waste absorber has been changed.

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