RangeXTD WiFi Signal Booster Lighting Issue? Instantly Solve It!

The RangeXTD extender is the super latest technology range signal booster device. It offers the fastest wireless range in your residence. This extender comes along with powerful features that completely amplify the network range. The wireless transmission speed of the range extender is 300Mbps. Through the transmission speed, you can simply stream & surf any way from your home smart home. But the RangeXTD WiFi signal booster only works with the 2.4GHz network. In the network, the wireless range is 300 Mbps. The network coverage of the range extender is incredibly seamless. The wireless range thoroughly reaches corner to corner of your home. The two antennas are built-in inside the range extender. You can simply & also easily read the strength of the signal with the smart LED indicator light. 

The RangeXTD wireless range extender also boosts the existing network. It says goodbye to buffering, lags, & dead zone by boosting the WiFi network to every corner of your home. The range extender entirely supports three modes like a router, repeater, & access point. You can simply configure this modem by using This is the default login IP address of the booster that also allows you to redirect the login admin panel.

How many LED lights are on the RangeXTD WiFi Signal Booster?

The Range XTD wifi range extender comes with a 300Mbps transmission speed. This speed is usually more useful to enhance the standard router’s network range. With the network range, ultimately download the long files. The two Ethernet ports are also built-in on the bottom side of the range extender. Through this port, simply connect the 4K HDTV, Desktop, Games, Printer, & more. 

Moreover, the RangeXTD range extender comes along with a smart status indicator LED light. This LED light is thoroughly more useful for signal strength. If the rangeXTD does not connect to the internet then the LED light status is red. On the front interface of the extender, the power/WPS, WAN/LAN, LAN, & WLAN taus indicator light is built-in. 

Why is the LED light blinking on the RangeXTD WiFi Signal Booster?

The smart indicator LED light delivers the status information. If the network connectivity is slow or weak then the LED status is red or blinking. With the blinking LED light, you are not able to approach the network connectivity. Here are some issues, due to the LED light repeatedly blinking. 

  • Not connect to the internet
  • Install the booster incorrect location
  • Not configured with a standard router
  • Firmware is corrupt

Troubleshooting: RangeXTD WiFi Signal Booster Lighting Issue

If the LED light of the signal booster repeatedly blinks then you need to verify the location & internet connection. You can simply resolve the lighting issue. This issue is major & also causes the network connection issue. 

Install the extender correct location

Many times, the range extender location is not correct. If you wish to access the high-speed network connectivity with this device then you need to ensure the location. Do not install the range extender near the heating device as well as the heating source, because the heating source or device destroys the range extender. 

You always install the RangeXTD internet booster near the wall outlet & ventilated area. This area is more secure & optimum for the extender. In this area, the extender device also works well & the light issue is completely fixed.

Connect to the internet

If the rangeXTD extender does not connect to the internet, then the LED issue comes. If the extender signals LED blinking continuously, then you should verify the internet connectivity. Sometimes, the internet connectivity does not connect to the extender. If the internet connection is not compatible then you cannot stream the video & not play the gaming console. 

To connect the extender to the internet, you need to contact the internet service provider. 

Verify the network connection

To resolve the light issue of the RangeXTD signals booster device, you should examine the network connection. Because many times the network connection does not configure due to the LED light blinking. Ensure the Ethernet cable of the extender’s LAN port is properly connected. If the cable connection is loose, then you need to tightly plug the cable. After that, the issue is accurately resolved. 

RangeXTD WIFi signal booster review 

In my point of the rangextd reviews is also a better & completely good than the other range extender review. The network coverage of this range extender is extended. Because the 2.4GHz network works with this extender. The transmission speed of the extender device is 300Mbps. Through this speed, you also completely enjoy the wireless range. The signals LED indicator light of the range extender is more useful. 

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