Asus WiFi Extender Firmware Update Failed? Reasons & solutions

The Asus extender is the latest technology 802.11ac standard & dual-band built-in range repeater/extender. It offers the best network connection & transmission network speed of up to 1900Mbps. The next-gen WiFi network standard works with this range extender. The next-generation network is usually more useful to enhance the Wifi range. Additionally, the 80MHz bandwidth is there in the Asus WiFi extender. This bandwidth offers better capacity & efficiency. The range extender provides ultra-fast Wi-Fi speed & a faster network connection. The AiMesh technology of this device extends the seamless coverage. You can securely enjoy seamless coverage with the Asus range WiFi repeater device. This range extender perfectly works with any router & enhances the network range. 

Moreover, the three external antennas are built-in on the asus dual-band WiFi range extender that completely amplifies the network range. You can simply & effortlessly know the network status with the repeater device. Because the smart indicator LED light is built-in on the front panel of the extender. The asus wifi extender setup is simple & not complicated. You can simply & securely perform the setup of this device in three-way: Asus app, WPS button, & web interface. 

Why is the firmware update necessary for the Asus WiFi Extender?

The asus wifi dual-band range extender works with MU-MIMO technology. This technology generally allows connecting multiple devices to the repeater’s network. For instance, at a time, you can reliably connect up to 20 clients’ devices to the repeater’s network. The four Gigabit Ethernet port is built-in on the back interface of the repeater. These ports usually allow you to connect the wired host network to the network. 

If you wish to maintain the repeater’s network & maximize the network performance, then you should always update the firmware. If you do not update the firmware then the network signals are not stable. To maximize the wireless network, you always update the range repeater’s firmware. It is most necessary to amplify the network range. 

Reasons: Asus WiFi Extender Firmware Update Failed

If you update the repeater firmware to maximize the network performance as well as enhance the network connectivity. But many times, the error comes and the firmware update fails. If the firmware update is failed, then the network coverage does not amplify. There is some issue due to the firmware failure. 

  • Network connectivity issue
  • Not uploading the correct file
  • Browser update issue
  • Red light issue 

Solutions: Asus WiFi Extender Firmware Update Failed

If the firmware update fails on the Asus range extender, then you can try to resolve the issue. You can simply & quickly resolve the firmware update issue. Here are some solutions to this issue. 

Using correct firmware file 

Many times, you are not using the correct firmware file due to the firmware of the range extender not updating. To resolve the firmware update failure issue, you need to verify the firmware. Because updating the firmware file is most necessary. Without this firmware file, the firmware does not update. Additionally, this firmware file is the latest. If the firmware file is not the latest then the firmware of this range extender does not update. 

If the new firmware file does not download to your device. Then, firstly you need to download the new & latest firmware file. After that, the range extender firmware is completely updated. 

Verify the browser version

If the browser that you are using to update the firmware, the version is outdated then the firmware update issue occurs. Then, for this, you ensure the browser version. If the browser version is really out-of-date, then you should update it. You can simply & effortlessly update the browser. Just visit the play store or Apple app store. Then, search the browser name that you are using & thoroughly update it. 

Connect to the stable network 

If your device does not connect to the stable Wifi network, then the firmware update failure issue comes. The stable network connectivity is most important to properly update the repeater’s firmware. You can connect your device to the Asus range extender’s network. The network connection, the network name(SSID) & password is a must. By using the myrepeater & password, simply connect your device to the network connectivity. Afterward, try to update the firmware. 

Power cycle the Asus range extender

To resolve the firmware update failure issue, you should power cycle the repeater. Because the power cycle is the best & optimum solution to properly resolve the issue. Unplug the repeater from the AC power supply. Press the power button for a few seconds & switch off the power. After some time, you need to power ON the repeater with the repeater’s power button.  

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