Happiness is the Himalayas

Trekking, the term trekking offers us an unrivaled amount of energy that transports us to a fantastic imaginative world.

What will you think when you hear the word trekking? Adventure, right? This is why many people opt to trip to other locations.

Why go trekking? Is that well-known in India and around the world?

The current generation is more interested in attempting something new, attaining their goals, and so forth. I hope you got the answer, yes…..even trekking in some places is the same. Achieving a single high point while overcoming every obstacle we encounter along the way.

Trekking allows us to release all of our anxieties and job load in a short period of time.

If I carry on like this, I’ll have plenty of other reasons to speak.

Returning to the subject at hand


This is a step many people try to achieve beyond their capabilities. Isn’t it? Many people aspire to accomplish this aim.

Put up the effort to give it a go.

They attempt and fail. This is the most fitting phrase for Himalayan trekkers.

So, in summary, you should visit the Himalayas at least once. Which tells you a lot about patience, belief, natural feelings, and so on.

So, you’re ecstatic, aren’t you? 

So, why don’t you check out the locations listed below to have a better idea of where to go?



Have you ever heard the term BEAS KUND? The river beas. As a result, beas kund is a blue-colored lake. Which is known as the main heart of the Beas River.

This lake is nestled between a slew of picturesque mountains.

As a result, the hikers will begin their walk from Solang Valley by passing some enthralling meadows where they would stay for the duration. Then it’s on to some magnificent and stunning mountains. Which have a completely curved shape.

So, going deep within, there are various peak sites that can be seen, such as Friendship Peak, Ladakh, and Hanuman Tibba, which provide magnificent representation.

You can take a detour (or) go for some adrenaline-pumping moments by paragliding.

Many vedavyasas used to bathe in this very own river known as the river Beas in the past.

You’ll also be getting plenty of steams along the road.




10,274 feet from LOHALI


Best time to visit


Summer will give you amazing experience.

MAY to OCTOBER is the only time to visit.





Beginners can also easily reach out the peak point.




MORNING: 10 to 15 degrees

NIGHT:5 to 10 degrees

 So, in general, I can say that this will be your once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. This will be your best summer vacation. Where you can cover every nook and cranny, from grass to snow, From landscaping to outdoor experiences.  

 KEDAR KANTHA is frequently confused with our own beloved temple KEDARNATH.

Kedarkantha is well-known for its looming summits.

Many people believe that visiting famous destinations is always simple. No, this one is more difficult to climb due to its steep plane, which will be slopy. Climbing the mountain might be challenging for even experienced hikers at times.

 However, you will not feel lonely while travelling because mountains will accompany you.

 After a long struggle to reach the summit.  feel like you earned something out of the ordinary, and you’ll have a great sense of accomplishment.

 You will have to stay after a long journey from the basecamps. You will be displaying a mindblowing representation of the kedarkantha top landscape sight through the rooms.

 You’ll be entering dense sensation forests with sky-touching trees. This is an 18-kilometer stretch. You will thoroughly love observing various types of trees. If there are benefits, there must also be drawbacks.

 As a result, trekkers choose this path through the woodlands. So you have the illusion that you are the only one in there. So pay close attention to the path.

 You will have clearing after getting through the treacherous dense woodlands.

This is one of the best clearings in India’s history.

 To get to the point, this trek is well-known for its summit. As a result, you’ll be reaching the summit. which is about 12,000 feet above the ground.




12,000 feet from Govind Pashu Vihar National Park.


Best time to visit


Winter time will be perfect






Beginners should hire a local guide.




Morning: -3 to -5 degrees

Night: -8 to -12 degrees


  • GOENCHALA trek:

 The first thing that springs to mind when we hear the term goenchala is SUNSET/SUNRISE.

The most breathtaking view of all time can be seen here.

It is located in SIKKIM, at an elevation of 15000 feet above sea level.

The first and most gorgeous feature about Kanchenjunga is the SUNRISE. Everyone who visits this location must and should see this enormous natural wonder of all time.

During the months of APRIL and MAY, it will be visible.

Another magnificently designed lake with crystal clear water is named SAMITI lake. Out there, everything on the surface is readily apparent.

 Coming to this woodland, it’s just the most wonderful thing I’ve ever seen. A forest like this has never been seen before. It is known as RHODODENDRON and is located 12,000 feet above sea level.

Everyone would enjoy wandering through these woodlands, which are surrounded by flowers that are packed with pink and white, attracting everyone.

Everyone would like trekking through the forest’s wooden logs.

The craziest one I’ve ever seen. The magnificent suspension bridges that must be crossed.


These bridges elicit a plethora of mixed emotions. As a result, you are more beneficial to nature.

 There is also another benefit that has been added to this…. The magnificent and well-known Everest, MT.KANCHENJUNGA, can be seen from this goenchala pass. Which demonstrates exactly what you need to see.

 This walk also puts your endurance to the test by putting all of your energy levels to the test.




Situated at 12,000 feet above.


Best time to visit


Autumn and spring could possibly be the best out of best.




Achieving and reaching out to the peak point Is very difficult.

Not preferred for beginners





Temperature would go down below -20 degrees

Average temperature could be -10 degrees.

 Finally, I can state that Himalayan trekking is one of the most magnificent treks of all time.

Where you can let go of any feeling and emerge as a new person.

Here you can find N distinct types of places with various scenery.

Not only that, but there are other other locations to visit.

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