Arlo Wireless Security Camera Not Working At Night? Best Keys

The Arlo camera is a wireless indoor/outdoor home usage high-power lens security camera. The best feature of this camera is weather-resistant. Then, it works perfectly in any season. No worries about rain as well as rain. Additionally, the high video resolution is there for this security camera. The 720p HD resolution is there. The Black/White night vision is enabled in the home security camera. The field of view of the Arlo Wireless Security Camera is 110°. The motion detection feature is enabled in this security camera. With this feature, the wireless security camera detects motion. The local storage is USB in the base station. But the feature of this security camera is a siren. The siren feature is not available in the wireless security camera. 

Moreover, the Arlo wireless security camera works with Amazon Alexa. Then, you can completely control the security camera with your voice. This security camera is 100 percent wire-free. It works with batteries, the long-lasting battery is installed in this security camera. The Arlo app is also available for this security camera.  Through this app, you can simply perform the security camera setup in a quick manner. 

Problems: Arlo Wireless Security Camera Not Working At Night

The Arlo home security camera works with WiFi network connectivity technology. This technology allows the living to view the home view. Besides, the high-power lens comes along with the night vision feature. Then, with the high-power record very high-quality photos & photo quality is too clear. The important feature of this security camera is night vision. The night vision feature allows the recording of high-quality photos at night.

But sometimes, the wireless security camera does not work at night. If the camera does not work at night then the security camera does not record the videos at night. There are some problems due to the security camera not working at night.

  • Night vision feature disable
  • Network connectivity issue
  • Security camera’s lens dirty
  • Battery power is too low

Troubleshooting: Arlo Wireless Security Camera Not Working At Night

If the Arlo security camera does not work at night then this issue is very common. If you wish to resolve the issue in a quick manner then you need to follow some solutions. 

Enable the night vision

If the wireless security camera does not work at night, then you should ensure the night vision function is enabled. If this function is not enabled then you need to enable this function. You can simply enable the night vision function with the Arlo app. 

To enable night vision, you should install the Arlo app on your mobile phone. By scanning the QR cord, you can simply install the arlo app. Then, log in to the Arlo account by mentioning the username & password.  Then, visit the setting & select the night vision feature. If the version is disabled, then use their option. After that, enable the night vision feature in the proper manner. 

Clean the security camera lens

To resolve the night vision issue, you ensue the camera’s lens. Because sometimes, the camera lens is dirty with dust particles. If the dust accumulates on the Arlo home security camera lens. Then, it does not work at night as well as in the day. To resolve the night issue, properly clean the security camera’s lens. 

You can simply clean the camera lens, by using a dry cloth as well as a brush. Just clean the security camera’s lens in the proper manner. After that, it works properly. 

Ensure the battery power OK

Many times, the battery that will install in the Arlo home security system will empty because it is not able to work at night. This security camera works with battery power. To resolve the night issue, you should properly ensure the battery power. If the battery power is too low, then use an AC power adapter & charge the security camera. 

Additionally, if the battery power is low, then you can install a new battery in the security camera. For this, open the camera’s cover & install a new battery in their compartment. After that, close the camera’s cover. 

Restart the security camera 

After following all the solutions as well as doing the arlo pro setup but it does not work at night, then the last solution is to restart the camera. To restart the security camera, you unplug the power if it is connected. Then, press the power button & switch off the camera’s power. After some time, you can again press the camera’s power button & properly switch ON the power. 

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