All you need to know about Devkund Waterfall Trek

Devkund Waterfall Trek

 Are you planning to go to a waterfall? Then Devkund Waterfall is an appropriate place to explore. It is a combination of trekking and waterfall. You will get to see some of the fantastic things on your trek.

 Devkund Waterfall is considered a holy place and believed to be the abode of Lord Shiva. It is located in Bhira, Raigarh district, Maharashtra, and is a plunge water pool. 175 kilometers away from Mumbai and 110 kilometers away from Pune. It is a confluence of 3 waterfalls and its origin is said to be of the Kundalika river. It is a 6-8 kilometers trek from the base village. The difficulty level is moderate to high. And it becomes high during monsoon because of the slippery slope. If you are a beginner then it is advisable to hire a guide. Sometimes, it is mandatory to hire a guide. The best time to visit this place is from September to January as the rains slowly retreat from the place leaving the greenery everywhere. 

Things to Carry

       You may not expect to get any food in this trek because of its isolation. So carry some light food along with water bottles. Carry yourself with some comfortable clothes along with a trekking pole. It is good to wear trekking shoes which gives you the necessary grip during the heavy rains. Sport shoes are not advisable as the water may seep into it and make you uncomfortable while trekking.

The trail

      Initially this waterfall was open throughout the year but because of some unfortunate reasons and circumstances this waterfall is closed during the rainy season. The waterfall is around 3000 feet high. The journey to reach the base area itself is amazing. You will get to see lush green trees and meadows all around the road with many water Ghats like Tamini Ghat etc. The trail starts from the base village of Bhira. Before you start the trek you must register your name in the nearby counter. There is ample space for your vehicle to park and you must start your trek from that base.

      There are sign boards around which indicate where to start the trek in the base area. The entrance to the trek is rocky and covered with dense forest. It takes around 2 hours to reach the waterfall. And you will be reaching a plane area after the completion of your 1st half an hour. Till that you would be watching the dense evergreen forest. So the plane area would become the next halting point in the trek. 

Bhira Dam

       In the second halting point you can take some rest. There is a small shop nearby where you can ask for the route to trek if you are coming alone. After some trek you would see a moderately flowing stream. But you can take the help of the rope to cross the stream. Devkund Waterfall is in between two mountains so this place will not be easily found from far. If you are going in September month then there are chances of rainfall in the area. So you must be careful regarding the overflow of water streams due to that rain. And you must keep in mind that rainfall may increase the time taken to reach the waterfall. So this will automatically reduce the time for you to return from the waterfalls to the base. So you must be quick as well as agile.

       The waterfall gets its water from Plus Valley. In the midst of the trail, you will come across Bhira Dam, which has a pleasant view. You can also camp near Bhira Dam. You will also come across a wooden bridge that you must cross in order to continue trekking. The wooden bridge was made around 2017 in order to make the trekking easy and safe. Because there is a small stream nearby which has big boulders that makes the trekking difficult. Hence the villagers considered making a small wooden bridge. 

And Finally…

       After the wood bridge you can see small ascents that you must climb. So as soon as you climb up the view becomes really beautiful and serene. The proximity to the waterfalls can be found by listening to its music. You will get to hear the sounds of waterfalls if you are nearby. As you reach the waterfall you will feel an amazing nature as the water from great heights falls on the ground and you are one among those experiencing the great moment of your life. 

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