5 Best Himalayan Treks in India

 The Himalayas are the stunning mountain ranges that are spread wide across the south Asian sub-continents, starting from Pakistan, then through India, Bhutan, Nepal and China. These mountains have been an attraction to many tourists from every corner of the world. The Himalayas have been a sacred place for many lost souls searching for the meaning of their lives. These divine peaks have been a paradise for pilgrims. But it’s also been home to the adventure enthusiasts to climb these heights and find relief at the peaks. 

Trekking in Indian Himalayas is a magical experience and a dream come true for many climbers and hikers. The experience to trek through outstanding, snow-covered mountains is alluring adventure lovers for many years. For those who are still contemplating escaping chaotic city-life and relishing the beauty of nature, we are here with the list of best Himalayan treks in India for those venturers who want to explore these astonishing ranges and melt in nature’s charisma.  

1. Valley of flowers trek:

With wide landscapes covered with rare and exotic multi-coloured valley of flowers trek lush green and dense forests, rivers, glaciers and waterfalls, valley of flower trek is a perfect valley of flower trek to experience picturesque sceneries and jaw-dropping views.

Valley of flowers is a National Park of India and UNESCO world heritage site situated in Chamoli district, Uttarakhand. 

The trek starts at Govind ghat. From there you have to trek towards Hemkund Sahib. Hemkund Sahib is a holy place for Sikhs. The gurudwaras there are very famous. When at the peak of Hemkund Sahib, you get the eye-warming view of enormous blanket of multi-coloured flowers spread across everywhere, that is valley of flower itself. 

The valley of flower is a known for changing its colours throughout the year. It is home for many rare and exotic flowers like blue poppy, Bramhakamal, cobra lily, etc. 

The experience of trekking through these meadows, alpine forests is beyond words.

The Flower of valley trek is one of the oldest treks in Himalayas. With an altitude of 14,100 ft, the trek falls under moderate level in difficulty and is very suitable for first-timers and family trip.

2. Har ki dun trek:

Har ki dun is a charismatic valley in Garhwal region Himalayas. The trek trails along with variety of flora and fauna, alpine forests, meadows, glaciers, moraines, and small hamlets.

The valley is known as ‘Valley of Gods’ because of its outstanding serene surroundings, luscious greenery and breath-taking sceneries.

The trek starts at Sankri. It is a 7- to 9-day trekking trip covering the distance of 56 kilometres. The highest altitude of this trek is 12,000 ft. It is considered as easy to moderate level trek and is also beginners friendly 

The trek is suitable for both summer as well as winter trips. March to April are ideal times to visit the valley to experience the snow-covered mountains. But if the scenic beauty of rhododendrons and other wildflowers appeals to you more, then you can visit the valley between October to November in spring season.

3. Kashmir great lakes trek:

Kashmir is the name of Paradise on earth. Situated in the lap by Himalaya, the valley is perfect trekking destination for escaping concrete jungles and reconnecting with nature. Kashmir great lakes offers a divine experience of trekking, to many adventure enthusiasts and nature lovers.

Kasmir Great lakes trek is a moderate level trekking trip which trails dense forests, beautiful landscapes covered with carpet of wildflowers of almost every colour and mountain wrapped in shining showy blankets. 

The starting point of the trek is Sonmarg which is at the distance of 3 hours from Shrinagar, while it ends at Narnag. 

The Kashmir great lakes include seven tranquil waterbodies namely Vishansar, Kishansar, Gadsar, Satsar, Yamsar, Gangabal, and Nundkol. 

The slop is mostly steep with mild elevations with only difficult ascent of Gadsar pass. The peak of Gadsar pass is at the altitude of 13,700 ft. But the view from the peak is definitely worth the sore muscles. 

It’s a 7-day trekking trip and the best time to visit is between June to august.

The memory of star-filled night sky reflecting in the still waters of these lakes will definitely secure a permanent place in your heart. 

4. Bramhtal trek:

Bramhatal trek is attraction for many trekkers as it’s the only trek to alpine lakes which can be done in winters. At the altitude of 12,250 ft, the experience of camping in the vicinity of Bramhtal lake is enchanting.

With the captivating beauty of alpine greenery, wide meadows and majestic views from peaks of snow-capped mountains, this trek ticks all the sceneries from the list. 

It is believed that Lord Bramha meditated besides the lake, hence the name Bramhatal. 

Another reason to go on this trek is the still watered lake named Bekaltal. It offers the beautiful view of crystal-clear serene waterbody surrounded by dense green forest.

Spring is the ideal time for visiting this place if you want to experience the magical views of crisp mountains, walking through the canopy of rhododendrons and watch birds in clear skies. 

This is a 6-day trekking trip which covers the distance of 24 kilometres and falls under the category of easy to moderate on the scale of difficulty level.

5. Hampta pass trek:

Hampta pass trek is a five to six-day trek, covering a 25 km distance of dramatically changing sceneries. This trek offers a journey through dense and lush green oak, deodar, and maple forests in Kullu, along with meadows, streams, and then to dry landscapes with almost no vegetation. But this trek promises the astonishing views of mountains covered with wildflowers.

Another great reason to go on this trek is the tranquil water body which is Chandratal, also known as Lake of the moon. They don’t call the trek dramatic for no reason. 

With an altitude of 14,100 meters, the trek falls under the category of easy to moderate trek suitable for inexperienced but adventure enthusiasts. 

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