Why Should You Invest in Mini Bongs Online?

Stoners enjoy the company of a good bong. Or, you may call such bongs as stoners’ best friends. If you smoke marijuana, you might have already tried a bong. Nevertheless, beginner bong smokers can buy the wrong bong initially because they don’t know how to take proper bong hits. If you are new to bong smoking, make sure you clean your bong before use. Clean bongs give a healthier hit alongside the best weed smoking experience. The water filtration in the bong also proceeds effectively when the bong is clean. Additionally, you can conveniently buy bongs online, and when you do so, make sure you buy a glass bong.

Are Bongs Too Big to Handle?

You may think that bongs are too much to handle as an inexperienced bong user. Luckily, bongs come in a variety that allows you to choose from and purchase the most suitable bong. Regular glass bongs are what many bong users prefer to smoke their favourite herbs and relish the desirable high. Using a bong can bother you in various ways, mentioned below:

  1. Difficulty in carrying
  2. Noticeability in the public
  3. Requirement for the water  

These issues may make you think that a bong is too much for you to handle to smoke buds. Nevertheless, you can purchase the right bong from an online smoke shop, such as Shop Rite, as per your needs. Things that perturb you about a bong can help you buy the right bong from a bong shop. You may prefer investing in a water bong from a headshop for the following reasons:

  1. It gives larger hits in contrast to joints.
  2. Besides, smoking weed via glass bong is healthier owing to the water filtration advantage.

Still, you may have the curiosity to know about what’s better than a big water bong. We shall overcome your inquisitiveness and tell you that mini bongs are better than big bongs

Reasons to Invest in a Mini Bong Instead of a Big Bong?

One thing that bothers smokers about big bongs is that they are large. The size of regular glass bongs makes them the wrong options for stoners who want to use bong with travelling. Large bongs aren’t portable, and you may not choose them for the same reason. We shall also give you convincing reasons why you should buy mini bongs online instead of big bongs:


Smoking weed becomes a lot more convenient if you choose to buy a mini bong with average hits. Typically, regular bongs aren’t comfortable to transport, whereas you can always transport mini bongs. Besides, you can choose from and buy the right mini bongs for travelling from an online headshop.


On average, the regular bong measures around 30 centimetres, which makes it difficult for stoners to hide it from sight. Conversely, a mini bong resolves this problem because it’s stealthy. You can find mini bongs in sizes so that you can put them in your pocket. Hence, mini bongs allow stoners to smoke marijuana discreetly and stealthily.

Decent Efficiency:

Mini bongs are small, yet they can provide stoners decent hits. However, stoners need to make sure they don’t invest in a very small bong. Otherwise, they will face the issue of putting weed in a mini bong. Thus, mini bongs are efficient for smoking buds despite their small size.


Finally, mini bongs are cheaper to invest in than regular glass bongs. Still, stoners need to make sure they don’t compromise on the quality while purchasing mini bongs from a smoke shop.

Some mini bongs give massive hits, and some offer smoother ones besides remaining discreet options for stoners. Once you realize what bothers you about a regular water bong, you can purchase the right bong. You should choose a big bong for larger hits and a small bong for portability alongside discreetness.

What Shouldn’t You Forget When Buying a Mini Bong?

Mini bongs are way cheaper than big bongs. Still, you may get mini bongs for more price if you buy a high-quality mini bong. If you want to invest in a quality mini bong, make sure you buy it from a reputable smoke shop. Nonetheless, it’s up to your budget and needs whether to invest in small or big bongs from an online headshop.


Stoners relish smoking weed through high-quality bongs. Nevertheless, beginner bong users can find it hard to purchase the right bong from an online smoke shop. Stoners can buy big to mini bongs from a smoke shop. However, investing in big bongs online becomes the wrong option when smokers need to travel with bongs. Stoners can choose to purchase mini bongs from an online headshop to capitalize on bongs while they travel. Here are four reasons why investing in mini bongs is right:

  1. Mini bongs are portable.
  2. Plus, these bongs are stealthy.
  3. Mini bongs can offer decent hits.
  4. Additionally, these bongs are affordable.

To sum up, make sure you invest in a quality piece even when buying mini bongs from a smoke shop. 

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