Why is my optilink dual band router not working? Fix it quickly

Optilink wireless router works with many wireless devices. It is totally compatible and provides a high speed or wide range coverage in your house. This is a dual band router that transmits the signal in 2.4GHZ and 5Ghz. In this router MU-MIMO technology makes it more compatible to cover all the weak and dead areas. The optilink dual band router allows you a high speed of 1300mbps in 5ghz and 500mbps in 2.4ghz. As well as it fully supports the WPS method, You can establish a secure connection using WPS. You can easily manage the wireless settings just by accessing the administration login panel of your optilink wireless router. 

These days high speed internet is the need of every single person. Without the internet we can’t perform our work. It has four external antennas that enhance more network connectivity. The latest technology of 802.11ac network will provide a high speed connection. It has smart LED indicators light, Also that will show the actual status of your router. The configuration of this smart router is easy. In order to complete optilink router setup you must need to access the administration login page. 

Reasons behind optilink dual band router not working

If your optilink router is not working properly then many reasons can cause this type of isse. The optilink router works with a power adapter. Must be sure that your power cord is connect properly into the electric socket and the power button is “ON”. Be sure that the wireless router is in working mode and connected with the broadband network. Sometimes due to slow internet servers. Your router will not work properly.  Here are some reasons.

Router is not power “ON”

Sometimes if your router is not working there may be the power adapter is not inserted into the electrical outlet properly. Insert the adapter properly and turn ‘ON’ the power button. Wait for sometime until the router starts perfectly then check. If your router is positioned at an overheated area it may sometimes power off. Due to overheating, place it in the ventilated area and connect properly.

Configure router properly

To use all the features of your optilink dual band router you must need to configure your wireless router perfectly. To do this connect your device with the wireless network of your router, Then open any web browser in the URL box, type the default IP address and search for it. You will redirect to the administration login portal. During configuring your router please follow all the manual PDF instructions that are given.

Ensure all wires connected properly

In order to use a wired connection with your device you must connect an ethernet cable into the port. Be sure that cable is inserted properly and working. If the cable is not connect it may cause errors. 

Restart optilink dual band router

If the problem is still not solved you can fix this by restarting your device. Disconnect all the wires that you connected with the router, wait for sometime and connect the power adaptor into the electrical outlet and also switch it ON” maybe the problem will solved. 

Update the firmware

If your optilink dual band router is not working and even given steps does not work. Then you must check the router firmware version. Sometimes the outdated version can also create these kinds of issues. In order to update the firmware version visit optilink official website and search for your model firmware and download it. Save it on your home screen. Now simply open the administration center and login with your account.

After login click to device management settings of your wireless router. Simply, Select firmware upgrade option. A new page will open, select your downloaded file and click to update. Your optilink dual band router will be update shortly.


We hope all the mentioned steps solved your issue. If you are still having the same problem, Then you must perform a hard reset. This can be done by just pressing the reset button. Here are some steps to reset your optilink router.

  • Power on your optilink router by inserting the power adapter into working outlet.
  • Wait for sometime, Now by using a paper clip. Press the “RESET” button for 15 seconds.
  • Notice the LED indicators. When it starts misbehaving release the button and wait. 
  • Your optilink router will automatically enter reset mode. As well as it will automatically restart after completed the reset process

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