Types of Material Used in Soap Boxes

There are a variety of materials that soap packaging manufacturers use to make their products. Each material has unique benefits and detriments for different reasons, which is why it’s important. To decide the right one for your distinct needs. To make your Soap Boxes durable and trustworthy for customers you need to choose quality material with an outstanding display.

Choose Best Material for Your Custom Printed Soap Boxes

Kraft Paper 

Wholesale Kraft paper is a common material used for Printed Soap Boxes because of its sturdiness and affordability. Kraft paper is made from wood pulp with a thin layer of adhesive applied. Kraft boxes paper makes strong, dependable soapboxes. Even though they aren’t as durable as some other materials available on the market today. It is a cheaper option especially when you buy Soap Boxes in Bulk. Kraft paper comes in white or brown, but with the help of exclusive printing. You can make wonderful soap packaging with it. 


Custom Cardboard is another favorite among many soap box manufacturers and designers who want affordable yet stylish packaging options. It is made from recycled paper fibers, making it one of the most sustainable packaging options available. Cardboard-printed Soap Boxes are also quite popular with soap manufacturers because they don’t cost much to have custom printed on both sides. Many businesses use cardboard instead of other materials because they want their products. To stand out in stores while remaining eco-friendly. 


Paperboard takes sustainability to an even higher level than Kraft paper. Because it’s usually made entirely out of post-consumer recycled material. However, designers not always use this type of material for soap box manufacturing, but when it is chosen for this purpose. It makes for a very durable and stylish choice. Many companies offer Custom Soap Boxes Wholesale to give their clients a cost-reducing alternative. It is better to avail discount deals while going for this option as it is a bit expensive material available for soap packaging manufacturing. But it is worth the investment because of its high level of sustainability. 

Kraft Liners 

Companies often use Kraft Liners inside Kraft paper soap boxes because they help reinforce the box structure. Some soap companies like using Kraft liner sheets because they don’t need to use materials that require a lot of energy to produce. Kraft liners fit inside Kraft paper boxes and cardboards without adding extra bulk or thickness to the packaging. Kraft liner sheets are also cheap enough that users can easily throw them away when no longer needed. This makes them a convenient option for soap manufacturers who want to take the most eco-friendly approach possible. 

As we can see nowadays, online business is becoming more popular every day. It helps to increase sales and other activities that help companies grow. Businesses need strategic thinking for their packaging design to make a successful online store and earn desired results because other issues won’t be effective without a powerful platform. 

For this purpose, we recommend investing in high-quality Custom Soap Boxes with logos or pictures of your product to build customer trust. In this regard, you can get our services and buy Soap Boxes Wholesale with free shipping.  With the help of our printing engineers, you can print detail of your brand and product on the box. So, visit our online catalog to see your dream box and let us transform your imaginations into a beautiful prototype.

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