Sustainable Development in Organizations – Which Goals Must Be Set

Sustainable development is a practice to ensure environment friendly projects. Organisations come up with different strategies to ensure healthy surroundings. There are three targets of any organisation related to sustainable development. Whatever practise they ensure, needs to be cheap. It should also meet the criteria of being socially responsible. It should be environment friendly practice. These practises help the organisation in running sustainable projects.

Most organisations take environmental resources as the only important factor. But environmental resources aren’t the only need. This is because economic factors also have an important part in it. And it should cover all aspects that contribute to the development of humans.

At the organisational level, sustainable development practices vary from product to product. For example, a car manufacturing company is conscious of carbon emissions. Same goes for some organisations that work for human rights to practice sustainable development. Some of the organisations make policies related to environment friendly disposal. Simply, every successful organisation tries to make world a better place for living.

In this context, let’s discuss some successful organisations, and their work for sustainable development. Also, the discussion of these aspects will highlight through example of how an organisation can ensure sustainable development.

Environment-Friendly Practices:

According to assignment writing services in UK, in today’s world companies are mostly inclined towards CSR activities. One such example is Biogen. It is one of the most successful developer organisations. It is a carbon-neutral company. Biogen took part in sustainable development by sending their ambassadors to school. In schools, they promoted STEM through the labs. STEM covers different aspects of science, technology, engineering, and maths. Biogen ensures a careful emission of carbon. And the purpose behind this act is to save people’s lives. Especially for the patients of neurology, Biogen has made many strategies. This organisation has four major focusing points.

The first target point is to work on climate strategy. Biogen is working to decrease the rate of greenhouse gases. This way, it becomes easy to secure human health. The second target of Biogen is that of product stewardship. For this aspect, it is investing in the proper serialisation of products. The third main focus of Biogen is aimed towards green chemistry. Here it is working to ensure safe disposal of waste.

Biogen is ensuring its work, and efforts towards stability of the human rights. In human rights aspect, gender equality is also included. Meanwhile in this context, Biogen enrols women for a leadership programme. The purpose behind this is to break the stereotype of gender inequality. Further, all these practices of sustainable development cover three major aspects. Also, their purpose is to make the world a better living place. These practices have made Biogen one of the most successful sustainable development companies.

Work Life Balance and Employee Well-being:

Adidas is a company that is well known globally. Adidas is practising sustainable development by working on a better lifestyle for people. It includes better lifestyle of its employees, and the other people. Employees at Adidas can avail paid vacations and many more facilities. The organisations that don’t offer paid vacations deal with depressed employees. But Adidas has offered paid leaves to ensure better mental health of its workers. This organisation offers many more flexibilities as well. These include part-time, and full-time jobs as per the need of workers. Workers can also go for early retirement here.

Adidas has also arranged nurseries for the employees’ children. The purpose behind this action is to put the employees at ease. In sustainable development, Adidas is also working to address carbon footprint. This aspect includes sustainable products, and ensuring the quality of water. By improving water efficiency and chemical management strategies, Adidas maintains the top position. In sustainable development, its chemical compliances also have a major role. You can go through its rate of penalties for the last four years. Through this you’ll get to know that Adidas has not paid any fine. A reason for this is the fact that it has ensured significant environmental practices.

Corporate Social Responsibility:

Being socially responsible is not an easy task. But BMW has proved it wrong. BMW is providing its services all over the world. It provides sustainable development services in the construction, as well as manufacturing sector. BMW has focused on the safe, and environment friendly emissions of its vehicles. It has introduced electrical choices for the users too. Also, it has worked on different hybrid choices. The purpose behind these strategic applications is to make its vehicles environmentally friendly. To ensure sustainable practices, BMW has also hired an environmental officer. In the context of sustainable development, BMW has ensured gender equality as well. It also facilitates its workers up to the best level.

The above-mentioned practices are followed by some well-known organisations. These organisations are setting examples for SME’s. Further, being environment friendly and understanding the mental well-being of your employer are some basic steps that organisations take to become successful in the future. Also, every organisation must include these practices and set them as goals in their long-term vision.

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