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Mobile gaming company Scopely has been making waves in the industry with its recent acquisition of Burlingame Studios. The acquisition was announced today and comes at a cost of $20 million. This news sends shockwaves through the world of mobile gaming, as Scopely’s successful portfolio now includes Burlingame Studios’ popular titles. Scopely is a global interactive entertainment platform, known for its award-winning mobile games and network of over 10 million players worldwide. mobile scopely 20m burlingame studios scopely

The popular mobile gaming company Scopely has just announced their acquisition of Burlingame Studios for a sum of 20 million dollars. This is the latest in a series of acquisitions that Scopely has made to further expand their presence in the mobile gaming industry. By acquiring Burlingame Studios, Scopely is able to gain access to the wide range of popular games that Burlingame Studios have produced over the years, as well as other technology and resources. mobile scopely 20m burlingame studios scopely

The mobile gaming industry is constantly evolving and innovating. One of the latest advancements comes from Scopely, a leading mobile entertainment network that recently announced a landmark $20 million funding round for its Burlingame Studios division. This new investment will support expansion of the studio’s portfolio and capabilities, as well as opening up exciting new opportunities for Scopely’s ever-growing user base.

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