Medical career options in Philippines for indian students

The Philippines is a growing economy in the world with its great and innovative advancements in medical science. The Philippines is also known as the Republic of Philippines is an archipelagic island of Southeast Asia located in the Pacific Ocean.. Manila is the capital of the country and Quezon City is the most populous city. The country consists of 7,107 islands and is located on the western coast of the Pacific Ring of fire. Its coastline is considered the fifth largest coastline in the world.

It is becoming a hub for international students to pursue their medical studies. The first advantage of studying in the Philippines is the course duration which is 5.5 years including internship which is valid in India. The second advantage is the Tropical Environment. Hence the disease pattern you’ll get in the Philippines is also the same as in India. The Philippines is an English-speaking country. Only this country has the highest MCI exam Passing ratio. So, the popularity of medical studies from the Philippines is increasing day by day.

Whenever we choose MBBS in Philippines, As a student and as a parent we always tend to think about career options after MBBS in Philippines. Both students and parents are concerned as to what would be the future after From Philippines? What are the options available for a student?

Medical Career opportunities in Philippines for Indian students

There are two categories of students, the first type of students are those who want to settle Abroad themselves and do not wish to come back to India. On the other hand, the second category of students are those, who wish to study MBBS in Philippines as MBBS in Philippines at low cost is the best option to save money and still get great quality of education in top Government Medical universities. Such students just want to study MBBS Abroad however wish to settle in India as well.

1. Practice in India

If you are also the one who wishes to do MBBS Abroad but later want to come back to India and practice in India. Then let me tell you about some good news. After NMC Bill is passed any student who wishes to practice in India will have to qualify NEXT exam. Before the NMC bill, only foreign graduates had to pass this exam, however, now even the Indian students who are studying in any Indian medical college as well will have to write this exam in order to practice in India.

NEXT would be conducted in two parts NEXT1 and NEXT2. NEXT 1 is a written multiple-choice exam being organized by the central committee and NEXT 2 will be a practical exam. So now onward either you do MBBS from India or you do MBBS Outside India its same. After the NMC Bill is passed there is no difference left between MBBS in India and MBBS out of India. So this is the situation for the student who wants to settle, practice or work in India after completing MBBS Abroad.

2. Settle their medical career in the Philippines

Now let’s move on to the second category of students, who want to settle in Phillipines itself after doing their MBBS in Phillipines. Let’s talk about their life after MBBS.

If you want to settle in the Phillipines, then that is another option that is openly available for you to choose from. Many Indian students are also working in the Philippines and practicing. In case you want to work in the Philippines then you will have to write their licensing exam, in the Philippines and clear it. So you can work in Phillipines after writing and clearing the country’s licensing exam.

3. Free to choose any country for practicing medicine

The medical degree from the medical universities of the Philippines is globally recognized and accepted. That means that your degree would be valid anywhere in the world where ever you want to practice or settle. However, you will have to write the licensing exam of the respective country.

4. Post Graduate course

After completing the MBBS course from the Philippines. Students can pursue their postgraduate course from the Philippines or other countries like Armenia, China, the UK, etc.

They can also enroll themselves in any master’s course in the medical stream. They can pursue the master of public health or master of health service course in the Philippines.

5. Clinical research jobs or clinical practice

After the completion of the MBBS course from the Philippines, Students can do clinical practice or clinical research jobs.

6. Do Hospital management

Nowadays, hospital management is a very fast developing sector which offers a very good career scope for the students coming from the medical background . Students also opt for a master’s in hospital management after doing MBBS in the Philippines.

7. Many more career opportunities

These are a few medical career options Indian students can choose after pursuing their MBBS from the medical universities of the Philippines. However, there are many more opportunities available for medical students. The advantage that you get in MBBS in the Phillipines is that you are actually doubling up your career options. In addition to that, you become a better personality, know a new country, know a new language, and become self-dependent.

Lyceum Northwestern University, Davao Medical School Foundation, UV Gullas College of Medicine, University of Perpetual Help Rizal, Emilio Aguinaldo College – School of Medicine are the top Medical universities for MBBS in the Philippines. According to our research, we suggest The best option to choose for MBBS in the Philippines is UV Gulla’s College of Medicine. Cebu. UV has completed 100 years of trust since 1919. You get all the facilities and best of everything on a very affordable budget. If you are worried as to how to get admission to MBBS in the Philippines, at pulse education, we are there to help you.


The Philippines is the ideal place to consider pursuing MBBS. The Philippines Medical degree has recognized worldwide. Students going to study MBBS in the Philippines will feel comfortable as the Filipinos are welcoming hosts. They are unfathomably warm and amenable. The Philippines is a safe country and guarantees accommodation for all students studying MBBS in the Philippines medical college.

MBBS in the Philippines is the best option for Indian students as the Philippines caters to MBBS courses at genuinely reasonable rates alongside various benefits compared to other countries. If you have any queries on how to get admission to MBBS abroad or Study MBBS in China, you can trust the best educational consultant in India, pulse education. The Phillipines is actually a very good, pocket-friendly option to choose and live your dream to become a doctor. We will be back soon with another piece of information for you. Till then stay motivated and stay connected with us. Thank you for reading!!

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