Best Professional Planners to Get in 2022

Are you someone who needs to jot down everything? We all have our way to plan and organize our day-to-day tasks. You know how they ‘old is gold’ the quote fits well when it comes to noting down our tasks. One of the oldest and most effective ways to plan our day is to write it down. Jotting down helps us keep a track of our activities and plan them in a better way. Brene Brown in her book Rising Strong mentioned jotting down as one of the most effective ways to acknowledge and learn more about oneself.

Some planners help us focus on ourselves and detangle our thoughts. However, we believe it is best to keep a track of professional activities and personal growth in separate journals. Many planner providers are bringing innovative, well-researched, and well-organized planners every day in the market. Among them, Day-Timer Planners are the best. The company works relentlessly to provide us with professional and personal planners. They have planners, organizers, calendars, and much more to help us plan better.

We can use the Day-Timer 50% off coupon and get a discount on Day-Timer 2022 planner refills. Luckily, we have found a couple of more planners that are brilliantly curated for us. Some focus on brainstorming while some have separate spaces for reminders and notes. We have narrowed down a list of professional planners that serve their purpose well.

Leuchtturm1917 for Weekly Planning

Let us ask you a question, does planning a whole month gets overwhelming for you? If yes, then it is time to invest in a good weekly planner. Research shows the success of our short-term plans leads to a bigger success. A weekly planner is a perfect partner that ensures short-term plans. The Leuchtturn1917 weekly planner is our top pick.

The planner is a simple, no-brainer. Each week is divided into days and two weeks are adjacent to each other which makes planning more convenient. The planner is based on 251 pages and each page features a note section as well as a reminder box. What makes this planner a must-have is the simple grid design. The grids divide each week and day in the most organized way.

The planner comes in 24 different colors. Its medium size makes it portable. No matter where you are, you can take this notebook along. Jot down your weekly plans and tick mark the days that have passed. The Leuchtturm1917 planners also include an archive section for labeling and sticker posting. We love the elastic closer that makes these planners easy to review.

Studio Milligram Planner for Meetings

This article is dedicated to good professional planners. And what good is a professional planner unless it focuses on our meetings? Studio Milligram is a hub for planners. Personal, professional, and mixed. For their entire collection, we recommend you the Studio Milligram Meeting Planner.

The planner is based on 80 meeting templates. Each template helps us focus on our meeting. We all can relate to the during-meeting struggle to recall important discussion points. To avoid embarrassment, Studio Milligram Meeting Planner offers a section for discussion points and then a section for during the meeting point. The bottom of each page is dedicated to notes. You can jot down takeaways from the meeting.

Studio Milligram’s Mixed Planner is also among our top picks. The planner is a blend of creativity and schedule. It is the best way to discipline your creative mind. We often lose track of time while brainstorming, the planner keeps a track of our schedule while giving us space to get creative with our business ideas.

Day-Timer Professional Planner for an Over-All Performance Improvement

Are you someone who likes to de-clutter their thoughts? Highlight important stuff and pin the ongoing projects? Well, then there is no other planner we recommend to you more than the Day-Timer planner. The professional planner is a must-have. It comes in a leather cover and is divided into four sections for each day.

You can mention your appointments and meeting for the day at the top section. The second section is for tasks that you must attend to today. You may not want to lose track of your finances, which is why the Day-Timer professional planner features an Expense Record for the Day section at the bottom of the page.

Day-Timer is among the few planner companies that provide us with other accessories for planning and organizing. They have dedicated a whole section to planner accessories to keep our jotting down fun. You can get pins, staples, stickers, and refills for a planner, all from their accessories section.

Planning plays an eminent role in our professional as well as personal life. We hope this article helps you find a planner that accelerates your planning process.

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