There are millions of students who are willing to be admitted to foreign universities or colleges. But it becomes difficult for the authorities of the colleges to give a chance to every student equally without any benchmark. Because a large number of students share the same quality. To prevent any chaos, many foreign colleges and universities use the SAT examination as a standard of admission. 

Sat exam date 2022 are as follows: March 12, 2022; May 7, 2022; and June 4, 2022. 

The scoring pattern of the SAT examination has gone through numerous changes in the past years. If you are willing to know all the possible details about the SAT examination, then you can check out the following part of the article. 

Who is eligible to sit for SAT?

  • Age restrictions: -The most beneficial point for those appearing in the examination of SAT is that there is no criteria related to the age of the candidate. Candidates of any age can appear for the examination. However, regular surveys have revealed that aspirants between the ages of 17 and 20 generally sit for the SAT examination. 
  • Times of the attempt:-Any aspirant who is willing to appear for the SAT examination can take the examination till the results are satisfactory. The examination of SAT is arranged in India is conducted five times a year. Any candidate can appear in the 5 consecutive examinations. 
  • Education Qualification: There is no particular benchmark of education that needs to be touched to appear in the SAT examination. Hence, if a student is willing to appear in an SAT examination to set up an academic career in foreign colleges at the undergraduate level, then the student must clear the secondary degree of school. 

What is the exam pattern for Sat? 

  • Evidence-based reading and writing 

Your knowledge of English is continuously test in this section of the SAT. 

Reading section: This section involves a few questions relate to five passages that will be give to you on the question paper. To solve those questions, you need to read those five passages precisely. Reading those passages may not be easy if you do not have the practice of reading books or articles. 

Writing section:- This section will give you 44 questions that you need to answer by reading four passages. You must have a sound knowledge of grammar so that your writing can be error-free. 

  • Section on Mathematics 

Your grip on mathematics is test in this section through 58 questions. This section includes the questions from algebra and many questions that will determine your skills in analyzing and solving complex problems. Many questions will be there which will test your knowledge of measurements, trigonometry, and geometry. 

  • Essays 

This section is not mandatory for any aspirant to attempt, but many aspirants think of attempting this section to represent their interpreting skills. In this section, an aspirant need to express his or her viewpoint on a particular topic that has been mention. 


After securing good marks in the SAT exam, you can get admit to your desired college in foreign countries. But it will be beneficial for you to select a college precisely before investing in your education. Not only the campus of the college should be concerned. You should always keep the other factors in mind before selecting any foreign university or college.

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