5 Unique Virtual Chinese New Year Celebration Ideas For 2022

The Chinese New Year of 2022 is arriving quickly. The most important festival in the Chinese calendar is the Chinese New Year, also known as Spring Festival or Lunar New Year. Again in 2022, celebrations will surely differ around the world, but we can all enjoy Chinese New Year online! Check out these virtual Chinese New Year celebration ideas to celebrate this day with international guests to traditional Chinese culture.

Many countries with large Chinese populations, including China, Taiwan, South Korea, Australia, USA, Singapore, Indonesia, and the Philippines, observe a version of this holiday on the first day of the lunar calendar’s first month. On average, 1.5 billion people around the world celebrate this Chinese lunar Year festival. 

For Virtual Chinese New Year Celebrations, we engage with great Chinese talents to create personalized shows and comprehensive virtual entertainment packages. In addition, we may give interactive online activities based on Chinese traditions.

Virtual Chinese New Year Celebration Ideas For 2022

Chinese Music Melodies

Traditional Chinese music is an excellent method to greet online visitors when they check in to your chosen platform to participate in your virtual Chinese New Year celebration. The Virtual Qin Player is a multi-talented performer that performs on the guqin (also known as the qin or zither), a traditional Chinese instrument with seven strings that provides a distinct sound. Virtual music performances are a great way to start the event and provide a musical intermission between online activities and talks. Add Chinese music melodies to your virtual Chinese new year celebration ideas to enjoy this event.

Play Virtual New Years Bingo

Celebrate this Chinese lunar year with CNY games. Or play a game of virtual bingo with a Chinese twist with your online guests! Chinese Zodiac Musical Bingo, created by Custom Creations, is a highly interactive “identify that song” music challenge based on the Chinese Zodiac. For that extra unique touch, custom-printed bingo cards with Chinese-inspired graphics and a brand can be mailed to participants.

A Taste of China 

Food and drink are frequently the centerpieces of an event, and virtual events are no exception. Provide online visitors with one-of-a-kind virtual taste experiences to honor Chinese culture and food. For the virtual Chinese New Year celebration, the Virtual Chinese Tea Tasting activity is ideal. Relax and unwind while enjoying a cup of hot Chinese tea prepared by our expert tea master. Learn about the origins of various teas, as well as the health advantages and cultural significance of tea in China.

Moreover, why not host a virtual Chinese cooking masterclass with a professional chef for your online guests? Attendees who are unable to attend in person can learn how to prepare Chinese dumplings and other famous Asian dishes online from the comfort of their own homes. To create a buzz ahead of a virtual Chinese New Year celebration, we can also arrange for the delivery of bespoke fortune cookies and other gifts.

Chinese Arts

The art of Chinese calligraphy is well admired. Invite online guests to participate in an online workshop with the Virtual Chinese Calligrapher and see for yourself the beauty of this ancient art. Additionally, Participants will use an ink pen and paper to create Chinese characters for names or words of their choice.

Custom Virtual Chinese Entertainment

Make your virtual Chinese New Year celebration whatever you want it to be! Talented directors, entertainment experts, choreographers, and costume designers make up Custom Creations. Moreover, The unique virtual Chinese New Year celebration ideas provide online guests with a truly immersive experience.


We hope these creative virtual Chinese New Year celebration ideas have inspired you! These experiences can be booked singly or in combination to keep your online visitors entertained from beginning to end. Also, they can be tailored to your virtual event’s demands. 

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