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5 Major Health Problems Can Be Caused By Short Periods

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It is natural for women to be worried about periods every month. There are some lucky people whose periods come on a fixed date every month and end after being on fixed days according to the same cycle, but most women suffer from some of the other problems. In such type of problem do not late to consult with best gynecologist.

What does it mean to have shorter periods?

The cycle of periods can vary within each woman, as can the amount and duration of blood flow. But according to best gynecologist, some conditions are a sign that menstruation is decreasing for various reasons, which these symptoms can identify.

  • The duration of menstruation is two days or less.
  • The amount of blood during menstruation should be limited to spots.
  • Menstruation should not come irregularly, and there should be a gap of one month.
  • The menstrual cycle is less than 21 to 35 days or more.

If you experience any of these conditions during any period, consulting a gynecologist can help protect you from many problems.

Reasons for shortening of periods

There are several reasons why menstrual cramps can occur. Knowing these causes, one can decide what steps to correct them.

Effects of age

If you are young, the menstrual cycle and its flow may be irregular. Otherwise, if you have entered the age of pre-menopause, which is usually between 35 to 40 years. Nevertheless, having one is still beyond the reach of the average individual.

Weight and diet

Bodyweight and the amount of fat in the body can also cause menstrual changes. Excessive weight loss regulates periods because hormones cause them, and a sudden weight loss or rapid gain can affect the hormonal system, affecting the amount of menstruation. In case of emergency contact with best gynecologist.

In case of pregnancy

In such cases, it is essential to get in touch with an expert that will check the infant’s condition as well as the maternity.

In the case of breastfeeding

If you are breastfeeding your baby, then it is possible that your periods may not come at all or, if they do, come in very small amounts because of the production of milk-producing hormones. May cause the process to stop.

However, some women may become pregnant while breastfeeding, which may be because their ovulation period begins only two weeks after the birth of their baby. In that case, you must take precautions during sex or consult with best gynecologist.

Due to contraceptive pills

Sometimes the use of birth control pills can also cause shorter periods and irregularity. The use of these pills stops the egg-laying process inside the body, which causes the uterine walls to fall out every month. The process can be slow.


If you suffer from stress, it causes the body to release hormones that can cause irregularity and decrease the menstrual cycle. Still, they return to normal automatically when the stress goes away.

Complications caused by shortening of periods

If your periods are not normal, it indicates something wrong with your body’s internal systems. This problem can lead to more problems if not treated early.


To treat shortness of time, best gynecologist usually try to find out the causes first, and then they are regularized by treating the causes. Lifestyle changes and medicines for its treatment.

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