12 Things Recruiters Look At In Gulf Countries When Hiring Candidates For Jobs

Gulf countries are becoming the favourite destinations for jobs because they provide the best opportunities in various sectors. However, they should know how to get good jobs in Gulf nations from different sources. Some countries such as the UAE and Saudi Arabia recruit permanent employees to ensure smooth operations. On the other hand, those who want to apply for them should understand what recruiters are looking at in detail which will help them make the right decision.

What are the things recruiters look at when it comes to permanent jobs?

1. Career continuity

Most recruiters in Gulf countries will check whether the candidates continue in a company for a long time while offering a permanent job. Resumes that show frequent jumps have high chances of rejection. Therefore, candidates should make sure that they will stay in a job for a long time and assure that they don’t jump to other jobs frequently.

2. Customization

When applying for permanent jobs in Gulf countries, candidates should make sure that the resume and cover letter align with the job description and requirements. The resume should have all details such as qualifications, experience, achievements, skills, etc. Moreover, the cover letter should mention why a candidate wants to apply for a permanent job position in a company and what makes the candidate good for that job. Both resume and cover letter should grab the attention of recruiters.

Those who don’t know how to write a good resume should work with a professional writer to meet their exact needs. Besides this, a resume should have an objective statement that defines the goals to an employee. Recruiters in Gulf countries will observe the objective statement to know the intention of candidates while applying for permanent jobs. An objective statement should include some keywords that will help candidates move on to the next phase of the hiring process. 

3. Effective communication

Effective communication is one of the important aspects that recruiters will look at while recruiting candidates for a permanent job. Candidates should ensure that they have good communication skills while applying for a permanent position in Gulf countries. They should consider adding at least 4 to 5 communication skills to their resumes. Some of them include writing, speaking, active listening, and negotiating.

4. Team management

Some permanent jobs require team management and candidates should know how to handle team members properly. Many companies consider teamwork skills when offering permanent jobs to candidates. They will review the applicants with more attention when recruiting them for permanent positions. Team management is important in IT and software companies to assign jobs to others to complete a project on time.

5. Problem-solving skills

Many employers in Gulf countries will evaluate the problem-solving skills of candidates for permanent jobs. Candidates should know how to manage tough situations in a company and problem-solving is one of the skills that most recruiters will look at. Anyone who wants to apply for permanent jobs in Gulf countries should partner with a recruitment agency that caters to their needs. The best permanent recruiting services will guide candidates to know the requirements of employers in detail. Furthermore, they show ways to select jobs that provide several advantages to candidates. At the same time, candidates should evaluate the permanent recruitment agencies online that will help them make the right decision.

6. Culture Awareness

Since Gulf countries follow a different culture, candidates should be aware of it properly to avoid unwanted problems. Most recruiters will check whether candidates have some knowledge of cultural awareness. It is wise for candidates to know the work culture in Gulf regions from different sources. They can contact friends and relatives who work in Gulf which will help them accomplish their goals during the recruitment process.

7. Technical skills

Technologies play a key role in jobs because they provide methods to perform a variety of tasks with high efficiency. Technical skills are necessary for IT and some other jobs to plan work without any hassles. Recruiters in Gulf countries will evaluate their computer skills and other technical capabilities while recruiting candidates for permanent jobs. Candidates who want to get permanent jobs in Gulf countries should consider enhancing their technical skills to gain more advantages.

8. Interpersonal skills

Interpersonal skills are necessary for candidates when they apply for permanent jobs in Gulf countries. Since candidates have to work with colleagues and managers in an organization, employees should have interpersonal skills to build relationships. Some interpersonal skills that recruiters will look out for include flexibility, empathy, motivation, and the ability to follow directions.

9. Learning skills

Learning skills are important for candidates because they provide ways to learn new things and adapt to new situations within the workplace. This is because companies implement new initiatives to stay competitive in markets. Therefore, candidates should have the urge to more learn and adapt to changes when necessary. Many recruiters will evaluate the learning skills such as collaboration and critical thinking.

10. Leadership skills

Leadership skill is one of the aspects that recruiters look for when offering permanent jobs in the Gulf region. Some projects in IT and other companies require leadership skills to motivate others after assigning tasks to others. Furthermore, leadership skills allow companies to make sure that the jobs are completed on time.

11. Transparency

Transparency is another thing that most recruiters will look for while choosing candidates for permanent positions. Recruiters in Gulf countries prefer employees who maintain transparency while performing duties. Candidates should accept their mistakes and make great efforts to complete their jobs within the deadlines. They shouldn’t hide anything while applying for jobs. A permanent placement consultant will work closely with applicants to evaluate their qualities including transparency. Moreover, a consultant provides ways to choose the right jobs based on their skills.

12. Organizational skills

Organizational skills are essential for candidates to increase productivity and achieve other things. Most recruiters will look out for them when offering permanent jobs in markets to employees. Some things included in organizational skills include planning, attention to detail, conflict management, etc.

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