Why Security Is Needed For Rockspace WiFi Booster & How Configured?

The Rockspace WiFi range extender is usually used to extend the WiFi signal. It absolutely boosts the internet connection & delivers high-speed signals. The wireless signals of this extender are most suitable for wider network coverage. It offers a wireless range in the 1292 sq. ft. area. The 20 home network devices securely approach the wireless range with the Rockspace WiFi booster device at once. It completely works with all wireless routers & properly enhances the network range. The network connection of the range extender is more reliable & smooth. It extends the wireless range of your existing device & delivers superior network coverage. The compatibility of this extender is universal. In other words, this extender works with all networking devices. 

Furthermore, the external antennas are built-in on the upper side of the Rockspace range extender that enhances the network range. This antenna is usually more helpful to improve the network coverage. This extender offers ultra-stable transmission speed for online gaming, video conference, & streaming video. If you wish to enhance the range of your wireless router, then you should perform the range extender setup with the standard router. The setup of every device is essential. 

Why is security needed for Rockspace WiFi Booster?

The Rockspace WiFi range extender works with a dual-band network. This network is usually & completely more useful to maximize the network coverage. This extender offers the network for the wired device. Because the Ethernet port is built-in on the bottom part of the range extender. Then, you can simply establish the connection. For the wired connection, you can simply insert the Ethernet cable into the Ethernet port. After that, the connection is ready. 

If you wish to access the secure network then, the security protocol is very needed. Without this security, you are not able to access the secure network. The WPA/WPA 2 security protocol is here in the range extender. This protocol completely protects the range extender as well as the wireless network. With re.rockspace.local, you can simply & effortlessly configure the security. Thus, to protect the extender as well as the network from malware, outsider, & others, security is a must. 

How to configure the security of the Rockspace WiFi booster?

If you really & definitely protect the range extender from the outsider, then you should enable the security. The wireless security of the range extender is most important. If you do not enable the security then you cannot approach the secure network. If you enable the security, then access the login admin panel & visit the wireless setting.

Connect the PC/Laptop to the extender’s network

To visit the login admin panel, you need to connect the PC/Laptop to the network connectivity. Because to visit the login admin panel, the big screen well. On the small screen, you are not able to see all settings properly. You can simply & effortlessly connect the PC/Laptop to the network, with a wired & wireless connection. 

The Ethernet port is there in the range extender. To establish the wired connection with the PC device. Firstly place the PC near the range extender. Then, you have to use the Ethernet cable. This cable is plugged into an available range extender’s Ethernet port. In the end, turn ON the power & verify the connection. 

Visit the login admin panel

After connecting the PC device to the stable & more reliable Wifi network, now it’s termed to visit the login admin panel. On this device, you have to choose any web browser. In the search bar of this browser, mention 192.168 10.1. After that, click the search bar section.

Then, the login admin panel of the range extender absolutely pop-up on the screen. After accessing the login admin panel, you need to properly log in to the extender account. In the available login field, you need to mention the login username as well as password. In the end, click the login option. 

Enable the security protocol

On the homepage of the range extender, you see many options. Of the available options, you need to select the wireless setting. Under the wireless setting, you have to click the security option. If the security option status is off, then you need to enable the security.

Just click the status option, & properly enable the security protocol. In the following security protocol, you need to select the optimum security. To fully protect the network, select the WPA-PSK security. In the end, click the Apply option. Now, the security setting is completely configured. This is the way to configure & enable the security in a quick manner. 

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