What to Expect in Desert Safari Dubai

The Dubai desert is a major attraction for nature and thrill-seekers. If you’re wondering what a desert safari in Dubai is like, let’s say you’ll be in awe, for plenty of original fun experiences are awaiting you there. Here are seven desert safari Dubai experiences to look for.




 Dubai desert wildlife is an adventure in its own right. Driving through the vast golden sand is more like driving through picturesque wildlife. Gazelles (Arabian oryx, to be precise), wildcats, and lizards are some fellow earthlings that you’ll come across there. 


Flora and Fauna:

Yes, there are very few trees in the desert, but you’ll be surprised by the myriad of shrubs and herbs beautifully and naturally scattered. If you happen to be there during springtime, you’ll feast your eyes on the palm trees, or rather the trees of life, with dates clustered on top.



The best desert safari Dubai experiences must include falconry. You simply can’t be in the U.A.E. and not learn about falconry from the masters of the sport. Know more about the history of the tradition and take part in an interactive show;  a cultural experience that is both rich and memorable.


Dubai Desert Food:

The desert safari Dubai cuisine typically includes foul medames and authentic Arabic bread for breakfast; lamb ouzi, camel meat stew, chicken kebabs, and kibbeh for dinner. Many venues serve vegetarian and vegan options, too. 


Camel Rides:

Short and extended camel rides are offered at your convenience. Certified guides will ensure your safety while making you feel free to have all the fun you want. You’ll not only get a feel for how the Bedouin people travelled in the past, but you’ll take great Instagrammable shots, as well!


Dubai Desert Thrill:

Choosing amongst the desert safari Dubai thrills isn’t easy. You have dune-bashing, sand-boarding, quad-biking, and dune-buggy driving, to name but a few. Make sure you have the guts for such rides and the necessary reliable equipment.



Overnight desert safari is an immersive experience. For one, you’ll enjoy the morning desert safari Dubai activities. For another,  you’ll relax under a blanket of a desert night sky filled with stars. Astronomy lovers, pack your binoculars.


Roaming around in the Desert:

During your tour, there will be ample time to soak in the desert atmosphere. Head out of the camp to familiarise yourself with the environment. The vast stretches of sand are the perfect backdrop for some pictures. Look out for the cacti, something you are unlikely to find in many other deserts. Lucky ones sometimes also find cacti flowers.

Moreover, there’s desert wildlife – raccoons, scorpions, lizards and snakes. Stay alert and keep your distance. To be fair, it really isn’t dangerous. But don’t take a raccoon selfie. That could spell trouble anywhere.


Dinner and Dance:

As the sun goes down, you get the chance to enjoy a delicious buffet dinner while dancers keep you entertained with Tanoura dancing, belly dancing and fire shows. The dinner is a proper feast.

These highly skilled dancers leave the audience in awe. Arabic dates and hot beverages will also be served during the dinner. The overnight desert safari in Dubai’s schedule is similar, except that it also includes breakfast.


Beautiful Scenery:

You will see the world as never before on a desert safari. Sand dunes as far as the eye can see and total wilderness dominate the vast expanses of desert and it can often become quite disorientating. If you start to feel dizzy because of the barren landscape, try to close your eyes for a few moments and you will soon start to feel better. There are stunning rock formations jutting out from the sand and your guide will take you to all the best spots to take some photos and make memories.


Sumptuous Food and Entertainment:

No need to take a picnic on this excursion, included in your ticket prices comes to a mouth-watering traditional Arabic dinner. You will be treated to local delights such as ouzi, a succulent lamb couscous that has been buried in the desert sand to bake for a whole day and a variety of other delicious dishes. You will be treated to some traditional entertainment too. This could range from a belly dancer to Turkish spinning tops. It’s a night you will never forget. Whilst sitting around the entertainment ring you will be able to see the night sky like never before. With absolutely no light pollution the night sky is lit up with stars shining brightly in the sky.


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