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What should you know about Phone Skins and Screen guards?

With ever-evolving technological advancements, phones are getting sturdier and larger yet sleekier and more convenient to carry. With convenience also comes the fear of dropping your phone and cracking or breaking it up further. And furthermore, people shift to buying bulky phone cases or overpriced tempered glass or even both simultaneously, out of the fear mentioned above.

Well, phone cases do provide a certain extent of protection in the context of the durability factor. However, there’s no guarantee of that as well. And tempered glasses…are just glasses, and they’ll eventually break. Moreover, either or both of these are too bulky, which will ruin the sleekness of your phone.

And even though phones are getting sturdier these days, people are still concerned about the brittle factor of phones. But here’s the actual unsolved concern: scratches, scuffs and smudge marks. Even the latest glass, Corning Gorilla Glass Victus, is not entirely scratchproof.

But however, it is no more an unsolved concern because now we have phone skins, screen guards and full-body protectors. Here are a couple of things you should know about these: –

Phone Skins

1) What are phone skins?

Phone skins are self-adhesive, slim, textured sheets cut precisely as per phone dimensions and external features such as camera bumps, volume and power buttons, etc. If a phone skin is applied correctly, it will appear to be a seamless addition: almost like a whole new shade.

2) Why phone skins over phone cases/covers?

It’s a great alternative to phone cases as it maintains the form and shape of the phone without adding extra bulk. Although in addition to what’s mentioned before, they also provide protection from scratches, scuffs and smudge marks. If you prefer a heavily textured phone skin, it might be beneficial to add more grip.

Screen Guard/Invisible Full-Body Protector

1) What is a screen guard/invisible full-body protector?

Screen guards or full-body protectors are invisible and self-adhesive sheets that are also cut precisely according to the phone screen and body dimensions and external features such as camera bumps, volume and power buttons, etc. It will not add any aesthetic look to your device but will add a layer of protection without impacting the original look of your device.

2) Why a screen guard/invisible full-body protector?

Full-body protectors are generally made of Polymers, so they’re self-healing in nature, which is perfect when looking for a screen guard/invisible full-body protector. They are not super textured; you can only find these in matte or glossy textures, so they’re not super grippable. However, it’s useful, especially for phone/device screens. useful

How is a Phone skin different from Screen Guard/Invisible Full-Body Protector?

  • Phone skins are generally made of Vinyl materials, whereas Screen guards/ Invisible full-body protectors are made of polymers.
  • Phone skins cannot be used for screens. They’re only for the outer/back covering of a device.
  • Phone skins are textured, unlike screen guards and invisible full-body protectors.

Now that you know the basics about phone skins, screen guards and invisible full-body protectors, it’s highly recommended that you should go grab some of these products ASAP! In India, one of the leading brands is They offer 360° clear protection with their screen guards and invisible full-body device protectors. Manufactured using Nano-Polymer Technology, these are virtually invisible and are available in matte and glossy textures. Coming to the functionality, these are also self-healing, i.e., scratches disappear after a while without any effort. They also provide a plethora of options of mobile skins and wraps for the back panel and side frames. These phone skins are made of 3M Vinyl materials which are top-notch quality materials, and the collection is multi-textured, ranging from rustic patterns like wood, Leather, Fabrix and stone to quirky ones like Pixel, Metallic, Hive, Raptor, Camouflage and Sandstone. You can even customise, mix and match these textures according to your style.

Apart from the variety that Gadgetshieldz offers, every mobile skin, screen guard and full-body protector is cut precisely per the device design. An alignment test is done thoroughly till the most accurate alignment is achieved.

P.S.- Gadgetshieldz offers products for the latest devices, like, OnePlus 10 Pro skins, Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra skins, iPhone 13 Series skins and more.

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