What is a lace closure?

choosing to use matching strands of hair with lace closure to create a natural and invisible look.

Hair wigs are becoming increasingly popular among black women and they use human hair wigs to create a variety of hairstyles. They usually use a lot of hair to sew the wig. It is an ancient method of making wigs, but now people are choosing to use matching strands of hair with lace closure to create a natural and invisible look. What is a lace closure?

Lace Closure

Usually, Lace Closure is 4×4  and covers part of the wig head. You can now find 5 x 5-inch lace-up shoes, 6 x 6 lace-up shoes, and 7 x 7 lace-up shoes. The seller divides the lace bras into three parts: free parts, middle parts. If you don’t know which part to choose, we suggest you choose the free part. So you can share it in any direction.

You may be wondering how do I get it back. The difference between the two is the socket size. You can choose different sizes if you like.

Of course, the price is different, but the higher the price, the higher the price. I’m sure there are clients who want real hair like yours, but you can also choose the lace front and there are many lace fronts. For example 13″x4″ Racing Front, 13″x6″ Racing Front, and 360 Racing Front. The 360 ​​lace front covers all lines of the head. So if you choose this front, it will look more natural than any other wig no matter what hairstyle you wear.

Brazilian 4x4 closure wigs
Brazilian 4×4 closure wigs

Features of the Lace Closure

1. The lace used is imported from Switzerland and the material is of very good quality. Therefore, the lace is durable and breathable. Even a strong man cannot break a race with his bare hands. Don’t worry about the running quality.

2. The hair is real hair, 100 people’s hair. Do not mix other hair, we use sewn human hair. The master sews each hair into the top. So the tip has a hair bun. You can bleach planets to hide them, but be careful not to bleach them. Otherwise, your hair will be damaged.

3. The hairline is already brushed. Use different hair densities in different sections of hair close to real hair. You don’t have to delete it because you’ve already deleted it. Of course, if you think it doesn’t look good on your hair, you can pull it a little more.

4. Baby hair at the edge of the hairline. Leave baby hair around the lace ribbons. You can cut it to your favorite hair.

How to use a lace closure?

curly closure wigs human hair
curly closure wigs human hair

When preparing to sew a wig with closure, you can leave the pieces to close the tip. The lace bands should match the hairline to create a perfect wig.

First, choose a wig cap and mark the hair structure line and lace bands. Hold the wig cap directly on your head and mark the callus on the wig cap with markers.

Second, sew the weft closed with a needle and thread along the marked hairline on the other side of the wig cap.

Third, attach the lace fastener in the form of support. Sew the lace closures to cover the wrong side.

Forth, melt your wig hair and straighten your hair. If the lace clasp you purchased is a free piece, you can divide it into side parts and middle parts.

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