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What does a working day look like for a Package Handler?

Package Handler, also known as a Warehouse Package Handler, gathers, scans, seals, and loads them. Placement of commodities into packages, confirmation of packaging labels, and lifting and loading heavy packages into trucks are among their key responsibilities.

Typically, delivery services use package handlers to prepare products for distribution. They usually take care of the entire process of getting a package ready for delivery, including packaging, sorting, sealing, scanning, and loading the boxes. 

They must also hoist larger items weighing up to 75 pounds. To guarantee the safety of themselves and their teammates, package handlers must adhere to specific norms and procedures.

Roles and Responsibilities

A typical workday would consist of scanning and loading packages at a rate of at least 300 per hour for a few hours. During peak season, hours were plentiful. Some of us would come in for three hours, while others would come in for five or six. 

Depending on the volume of packages received, a package handler will typically work between 4-5 hours each day. During peak season in December, they will work a minimum of 5 1/2 hours each day, but they may double shift and work between 10 and 13 hours per day. It also varies on where they work in the hub, since unloaders work the shortest shifts, usually 3-4 hours per day, while loaders and other roles work slightly longer.

A Package Handler must possess specific physical and mental abilities. 

A package handler’s main abilities and credentials are as follows:

  • They interact with the public on a regular basis, their customer service abilities are crucial because they are the company’s face.
  • Package Handlers must be able to utilize their arms and hands to handle parcels of various weights and sizes in various locations, which necessitates good coordination.
  • Handlers must pay close attention to their bosses’ instructions.
  • A package handler can expect to earn $14.49 per hour on average. This figure is based on salary reports submitted to our website in the last 36 months. The average annual overtime pay is $4,312.

There is no requirement for package handlers to have any formal education. Most new hires undergo about a month of on-the-job training to learn their duties. The training, which includes the teaching of safety requirements, is led by a supervisor or a more experienced coworker. Some companies also provide educational or training programs.

Employers typically train package handlers on their roles and responsibilities, so they get to experience on the jobs in Newnan Georgia . Although no specific years of experience are required for employment, it is advantageous if the candidate has previously worked as a Package Handler, Shipping Clerk, or Delivery Driver. On-the-job experience in a company performing similar responsibilities aids in having a productive candidate who understands what to expect.

The following are the responsibilities and duties of a good package handler:

  • Hand-transport products in packages from one site to another. 
  • Put hand-picked items in boxes and keep track of what you’ve packed and moved.
  • To handle and maintain track of objects, collaborate with material moving equipment operators and material recording workers.
  •  Businesses want their items to arrive on time and in good condition.
  • Physically demanding activities include pushing, tugging, leaning down, and lifting things.

It is your responsibility to handle shipments without spilling them or making any other rapid movements that could injure them.

To package and load boxes, Package Handlers work as a team. They are frequently supervised by a Supervisor, who provides them instructions and keeps track of their progress. Package Handlers’ daily responsibilities are usually given to them by their supervisor. They may be required to attend one-on-one meetings in order to learn more about how to enhance their work performance. If a Package Handler fails to observe safety requirements, their Supervisors may take disciplinary action against them.

Depending on their daily tasks, package handlers may work in a number of locations. 

Others may work at loading docks, where they will pick up packages by hand or with equipment. And load them onto delivery vehicles or shipping containers. 

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