What are the Casino Capitals of the World?

The gambling itch is something that people from all around the world, from all walks and spheres of life, have experienced at least once in their lives. The glitz and glam of casinos, their shining allure, the call of betting tables, the sounds of slot machines are things that people who love gambling are all too familiar with. Nowadays, a lot of players prefer to play online before taking a trip to a brick-and-mortar casino. Moreover, most online platforms offer bonuses, such as the GGBet bonus code, to boost players’ chances.

But still, there are places around the world that resound with the word casino. The moment you hear the name of such places, gambler or not, the association of the place and casinos are the natural assumption. We would like to bring you a list of places that are known as the Casino Capitals of the World.

Las Vegas, USA

Las Vegas, USA, is probably the very first place that most people think of when they think of casinos. This is largely due to it being showcased as the the-go-to place in pop culture and modern media. Also known as the city of Sin or, more commonly, Sin City, it is the home of many famous gambling resorts such as MGM Grand, Caesars Palace, Mandalay Bay, Venetian, The Mirage, and other places.

Atlantic City, USA

Las Vegas generally overshadows every other casino town or city in the United States of America. However, Atlantic City is another major city that holds value as a casino destination for gamblers. Atlantic City is in the North-eastern part of the United States of America, in New Jersey. While its heyday may have passed, Atlantic City is a city that was built with gambling in mind.

Macau, China

If Las Vegas is the place most popularly known in North America for its casinos and gambling, then Macau, China, is the most sought after destination for anyone in the East Asian region. Approximately 50 per cent of Macau’s economy is fuelled by the gambling industry. This has led to the city overtaking Las Vegas in revenue generation, viz., the gambling industry’s monetary turnover. Famous brick and mortar casino resorts that Macau has to offer are MGM Grand Macau, Venetian Macau, City of Dreams, Sands Macau, Casino Ponte 16, etc.

Marina Bay, Singapore

While Macau has held the title of king when it comes to the East Asian region, and it has been the Mecca of gambling for many gamblers around Asia, Marina Bay in Singapore has fast been rising to take its place as the the-go-to place for everyone around the South-East Asia region. While the gambling industry in Singapore may be infantile in comparison to other old giants of the gambling world, it has become a major contributor in terms of revenue for Singapore’s economy. Marina Bay also hosts the world’s largest gambling resort – The Marina Bay Sands. The resort hosts nightclubs a Universal theme park. Several swimming pools and a hotel that holds the capacity of 2500 rooms. Marina Bay is a place that should be on the list for those who wish to travel to famous casinos around the world.

Monte Carlo, Monaco

Monte Carlo is the place to be if someone wishes to mix luxury, leisure and gambling. Despite Monaco being among nations that are not of the larger size, it does not fail to lure in some of the richest people from around the world. Monte Carlo takes the crown of being the number one spot for gambling and casino resorts when it comes to the European region. People also have the privilege to marvel at the Mediterranean in all its splendour. Monte Carlo’s gambling heritage can be traced back to the nineteenth century. It was during that time that casinos were established, and they flourished along the railway line. This brought wealth to the city and established one of the most sought after destinations for tourists and gamblers from around the world. One of the most iconic places to visit is the Casino de Monte Carlo.

London, United Kingdom

London hosts many tourists from around the world. Visits from tourists vary from those in town to look at the architectural structures; visit the city due to its historical and global influence on the world. However, London also has a vast number of casinos, and it also has some of the most unique and sophisticated gambling rules, laws and regulations that many people find fascinating. Famous casinos in the city are the Empire Casino, the Ritz Club, the Hippodrome Casino, Aspers Casino, etc. 


While the places we’ve mentioned are splendid and have every right to be candidates in every gamblers bucket list to visit around the world when it comes to brick and mortar casinos, we are in the unavoidable phase of a worldwide pandemic. This put a lot of our plans in a pickle. Needless to say, this has made many of us move to online casinos as a platform to turn to when it comes to curbing our gambling itch. GGBet is one such platform that you could turn to. It is a safe and licensed platform that gamblers can turn to play casino games, slots and even online e-sport betting. Register at GGBet to become a member and gain access to goodies today!

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