What a Parent Should Get Right When Conducting a Cake Smash Photo Session of Their Baby

The photography industry in Australia is massive and has recently surpassed the $1B mark. The industry’s market size is poised to grow at an annual growth rate of 3.1% over the year. This indicates how the industry is gaining more and more prominence all over Australia, especially in major regions like Melbourne. One sub-sector of this industry is the baby photography sector. This sector is growing steadily thanks to the fact that families of children want to preserve the fond memories of their adorable children for all their lives. There is no better way of doing this than having professional photographers who bring in all their expertise to click some great pictures of their children at City Circle Tram or Melbourne Zoo, which everyone shall cherish for a lifetime.

Cake smash photography is an ever-growing trend in which children who turn a year old smash cakes to punctuate their feat of turning a year old. Such occasions are momentous in the lives of the child and the families and would, and it is only natural that they would want to preserve such memories in photos and videos. But how does one prepare for such a photo session? Here are some tips for parents who would like to conduct such a session themselves. But those who would like to take this to the next level and not rely on their amateur skills can always seek the help of professionals with great experience and skills in cake smash photography in Melbourne.

Making Time

Children are reputed for setting the pace of any process they are involved in at their whims. So, given the nature of the task, set realistic expectations. Make room to accommodate unforeseen events that may disrupt the session and set aside some extra time. You will also need time to clean up after the session. Hence plan accordingly.

Choosing the Cake

While you are wondering what kind of cake to buy, make sure the cakes you choose do not have any ingredients to which the baby may be allergic. Ensure the cake is easy and soft for the baby to tear and eat. As far as the cake’s design goes, it is left to you. You could also incorporate characters the child may be fond of. You could use a topper such as a “1” to denote the baby’s first birthday. The colour of the cake must match the baby’s outfit and the event’s theme.

Setting the Camera

Since the event revolves around the child, there will already be a lot of unpredictability and mistakes involved in the session at Dandenong Ranges or South Melbourne Market. You need to be a professional with experience in cake smash photography in Melbourne. You wouldn’t want to add to the chaos, thanks to the lack of experience. Hence, here is a camera setting you could use as a starting point and adjust later.

  • Shutter Speed: Use a fast shutter speed to keep up with the ever-changing mood pangs of the baby. A shutter speed of 1/200 or above shall do well.
  • Aperture: Depending on the lighting, set the aperture range between f/2.8 and f/5.6, as that shall allow you to keep most of the frame in focus.
  • ISO: Maintain a low ISO to keep the noise in the photos at a minimum. 

Final Remarks

While family members can conduct such a session, hiring a professional would provide much better results. The expertise, knowledge and experience they bring into a session of cake smash photography in Melbourne cannot be matched by an amateur.

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