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History of Valentines Day – Facts, Origins & Traditions

History of Valentine's Day

Why We Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a special day where nearly everyone in the world has their own reason for celebrating. We might be spending time with our loved ones or friends, exchanging gifts, and sharing special moments that we plan to remember forever. Or maybe you’re planning on making it through the day without any of those things! Whatever your plans are, they will probably be different from everybody else! Valentine’s Day is a day that all lovebirds know, but what exactly is it? And why do some people celebrate it?

The History of Valentine’s Day

  • Valentine’s Day is a day Americans celebrate love between two people,
  • The old tradition symbolized the Roman practice of worshipping Venus in March with flowers and gifts.
  • The tradition of celebrating love began long before that.
  • The first recorded mention of Valentine’s Day.
  • There is no record of what the day actually celebrates or who Aurelius and Claudius were.
  • There are many theories proposed as to what it originally celebrated,
  • but the most popular theory has been that it celebrates St.
  • Valentine, who was executed on February 14 in Rome.

Why did we start celebrating it?

  • Valentine’s Day is rooted in pagan Roman mythology.
  • Its roots show how we were originally celebrating fertility.
  • However, according to the Catholic Church.
  • Valentine’s Day is a holiday that has become popular in the United States,
  • but the origin of this day is unclear.
  • Some say it was started because we are celebrating our love for one another
  • Want to show gratitude and affection on this special day.

What are some events that happened on VD day?

  • Roman soldier in the third century.
  • Although he was married to two women.
  • He felt so much love for them and his soldiers that he gave them all of his worldly goods.
  • When Valentine died, people started celebrating the day in honor of him.
  • The Romans also celebrated when Venerable Bede wrote about it.

What is the history behind our traditions?

  • Valentine’s Day was founded in the fourth century.
  • By Saint Valentine of Rome and was then renamed.
  • sometime in the fifth century.
  • There is no set date for Valentine’s Day,
  • which has given us plenty of opportunities to celebrate the love we have for our special someone with a variety of dates.
  • The idea of romantic love originates from ancient Roman mythology and the mythological Greek god of love, Eros.
How did it influence what we do today?

This change occurred because President Abraham Lincoln designated a national day of mourning for slain soldiers and called it “Lincoln’s Birthday.”

Is Valentine’s Day still relevant in today’s culture?

The traditional day for expressing love began in the 4th century and still resonates with people today. The holiday is a reminder of the love we share with friends, family members, and others. With advances in technology and social media, has the meaning of this holiday changed? It’s not just the commercialism of Valentine’s Day, but how people are celebrating it that concerns me. The world has changed, and so has Valentine’s Day.


The romance and the love associated with Valentine’s Day has always been a mysterious and complex topic. There is no definitive answer for why we celebrate this day, however there are many factors that have shaped our current understanding of the holiday. From a business perspective, Valentine’s Day is an opportunity for companies to improve their brand image, perform better than other similar businesses, and make more money. In addition, Valentine’s Day is an opportunity for young people to find a romantic partner.


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