Umar Riaz – Bigg Boss 15 Eliminate

The Bigg Boss 15 finale will see the eviction of a former housemate, Umar Riaz. The eviction comes at the end of a challenging task where he got into a fight with Pratik Sehajpal. After the fistfight, Umar was not eliminated. Instead, he received a warning that he should be on his guard. The Bigg Bops 15 finale will be predictable.

Though he was initially introduced as Asim Riaz’s brother on the show, Umar Riaz made his presence felt on the controversial reality show. The eviction was reportedly due to the aggressive behavior of Umar, but many contestants were given another chance. Asim Riaz’s brother Umar Riaz is also an Ex-Bigg Boss 13 contestant.



The eviction of Umar Riaz from Bigg Boss 15 has been met with harsh reactions from viewers. The eviction was based on physical aggression and he was evicted despite not receiving a nomination. Salman Khan, who is the host of the show, said that viewers voted to evict Umar because of his aggressive behavior. Besides, he had already ignored several warnings and acted in an abusive manner.

Umar Riaz’s eviction from Bigg Boss was deemed unfair by his fans, who are calling it a racist eviction. He is a doctor by profession and is the brother of Asim, a former Bigg BB 13 contestant. His eviction was a result of violent behavior, and his fans are rightly upset with him. In the eviction, the viewers voted to remove him.

Originally from Jammu, Umar Riaz was a clinical assistant in Mumbai, Maharashtra. He became a Senior Registrar in General Surgery after two years of practice. His passion for acting and his body has earned him a huge following. He has been in the house since the Bigg Boss 14 finale and has gained a massive fan base from viewers. While the show is a reality show, the eviction was due to some unanticipated behavior from one of the contestants.


Before entering the house, Umar Riaz earned a decent salary as a surgical assistant in Mumbai. He later went on to become a Senior Registrar in General Surgery after a couple of years of practice. However, he always dreamed of becoming an actor and earned his fame in Bigg Boss 14. But he was not only an actor. In addition to being an excellent surgeon, he also has a strong background in acting and he was even involved in commercial modeling shows.

Umar Riaz has a huge fan base in India. He is one of the most popular contestants this season. His fans loved him for his wits and his ability to handle social media. He was a great fit and a fitness freak. And his popularity grew even higher when his brother tweeted about his eviction. The eviction tweets sent fans into a frenzy.

His eviction is considered a shock as he was one of the strongest contestants on the show. He earned a huge fan base as the brother of Asim Riaz and a supermodel, Umar had won numerous awards and was an instant hit among his fans. He was a very popular contestant on Bigg Boss and has a huge fan base in various countries.

While he is a doctor by profession, he has a keen interest in the world of glamour. His recent eviction has come as a shock to his fans. Asim Riaz, a former contestant on the show, has shared his anger on social media. He also questioned whether the news of his eviction was true. While the eviction is a shock to fans, he remains a popular star.


Umar Riaz’s eviction was the most controversial episode of Bigg Boss 15 so far. The eviction was the punishment for a physical spat between Riaz and Pratik Sehajpal. The eviction has angered fans and even some in the Bollywood industry. Despite the shock and disapproval of the fans, the eviction was a surprise to both the cast members and viewers.


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