Types Of Water Geysers You Need To Know About

With the winter months approaching soon, water geysers will become an indispensable appliance in every household. If you too have been contemplating purchasing a water geyser, you have come to the right place. This guide will inform you of the choices presented by the market. 

Know about the different types of water geysers. You can purchase a water geyser online here at the Bajaj Finserv EMI Store once you have been enlightened.

Geysers Based on Heating Method

Electric geysers:

As the name suggests, electric geysers run on electricity. These are widely used, and you will find them installed in almost every Indian household. Electric geysers are easily the safest choice as they feature a hassle-free operation and functioning. Their installation is also not much of a headache. 

With their efficiency being top-notch, you can save on your bills. The auto switch-off facility incorporated in most of these models helps in saving energy when the device is not heating up the water. Furthermore, the range of temperatures offered by these types of water heaters is also high. 

Gas geysers:

Gas geysers receive the firepower from Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG). They have gone out of fashion due to several reasons. First and foremost, they are bulky, and installation can be an issue. Safety is also a vital area of concern associated with gas geysers as there is always a looming threat of leakage. 

Moreover, you will have to provide proper ventilation in the space where you will install a gas geyser. Hence, electric geysers have come to replace them. However, you can still resort to using a geyser fuelled by gas if you want the water to heat up at a rapid rate and entail a low operation cost.

Solar geysers: 

Solar geysers have risen in prominence due to the increased awareness among the people. The need for turning to renewable sources of energy has brought solar geysers into the limelight. The solar panels trap the sunlight to convert it into electricity. And the latter gets used by the appliance to heat up the water. 

Solar geysers have one prerequisite that you must acknowledge prior to installation. It is important to install the solar panels in a location that receives adequate light throughout the day. Installation can put you in a fix, but once it gets accomplished, you will save on your electricity bills and even play a role in environmental conservation. 

Geysers based on storing unit

Tank geysers: 

Tank geysers or storage geysers come equipped with the facility of storing water. Sub-divided into electric, solar and gas geysers, these are the ones that you will commonly come across in Indian homes. 

Known for their durability and ease of use, tank geysers can store heated water, with the capacity varying with the models. You need to opt for the perfect capacity based on your family’s size. With the best Usha 15 liter water geyser, a family of up to four members is well-served.

Instant geysers: 

These geysers do not hold in the heated water for a long duration, and they are compact in size. Instant geysers heat up water quickly, which needs to be used within minutes. You can choose these if you are living alone or as a couple. 

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