Trekking Places Near Mumbai

Mumbai, the hustling city of unmatchable noise and lights, hypes and heights, glamour and stardom is indeed one of the fastest running cities of our county. The people take off recklessly everyday to reach the destination, working unconditionally to meet their ends and strive their goals. This fast track lifestyle is leaving behind mental well being.

Mumbai, the city surrounded by the gems of nature beautifully integrated with some exemplary, aesthetic architectures with great historic significance built many centuries ago, is a perfect escape and astonishing one day trek ranging from easy to moderate. 

Increasing understanding of mental well being and the spark in the young blood is something making these hard to visit places so accessible. There was a time, not more than the last decade, when these were some untouched and so rarely visited places that now have become famous trekking spots near Mumbai.

Mumbai was initially seven islands that now have been together called Mumbai. These seven islands were home to 22 hills that filled the not so deep gap between the islands. Many of these hills are standing today as well as some great trekking places around the city. Also stretching from the Western ghats to the Deccan Plateau, location is one major reason behind so many treks within a short distance of the city.

Here’s a quick glance into the list of best trekking places near Mumbai which are not too time taking. Ranging from easy to moderate to difficult the treks are not so long but worth a visit.

  • Shilonda Trail

Starting from Borivali, within the city the trek trail is long yet the easiest one. Inside the Sanjay Gandhi National Park in Mumbai the trail takes one across some sparkling and gushing streams, a thick forest and of course some the breathtaking beauty of nature. 

Being inside the city this is one easily accessible trail for Mumbaikars and the tourists around the city. 

  • Peb Trail 

Based in Neral. 53 kilometres away from the boundaries of Bombay this trek follows one of the easiest routes till the Peb fort. The route further takes one to the Panorama Point which is a bit more difficult than the former one. The route takes one across some of the caves and forest which makes it a beautiful scenic route.

  • Dhak Bahiri Trek

This highly difficult trek, located at the distance of 76 kilometres from the city lines, is in the Raigad region of Dhak Bahiri Caves.  

  • Garbett Point 

However the tempting view of the plateau covered with lush green natural carpet is worth the effort it takes to reach to apex. The 5 kilometre trek enrouted through some steep slopes, narrow and rugged passages with a lot of green on either side of the person at any given point.

  • Korigad Fort

Beginning from the Peth Shahpur Village following a mud road the trek is an absolutely easy one. After a certain point the trek becomes simplest because of steps that take one straight up to the fort. 

  • Sudhagad Fort

The trek beginning from the Thakurwadi Village till the gates of the fort is yet another scenic trail. Located at Pali,109 kilometres from the city lines is an easy to take trek following makeshift roads and ladders installed at certain parts of the route. 

The beauty at the top is excellent and kind of picture perfect location.

120 kilometres away from the hustle and bustle of the city, this one is a somewhat highly difficult trek with some adventure sports being offered at a point, along the way to the trek target.

Going through the deep narrow rocks and descending into the valley prior to getting to the top is one alluring experience.

  • Ratangad Fort

At a distance of 175 kilometres from Mumbai, the Ratangad Fort trek is a moderately high trek with two routes to the top. While one is a steep stepped route leading straight to the gate of the fort, the other one is a rocky trail across the dense forest. 

The base of the trek having less connectivity, the trek is opted by comparatively lesser count of heads. 

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