Top CBSE Schools in Noida in 2022 with Ranking

Education is the foundation of a promising future and a fruitful career for every child. The quality of education they get decides how well they will do in life and whether they can contribute to society. Therefore, parents look for the top CBSE schools in Noida that offer premium education and top-notch amenities. The list is long and never-ending; it will take thorough research and a lot of analysis of various factors to find the best international public school.

The impulsiveness of making a decision and the urge to choose the best one can lead to poor decision-making. However, you cannot take a chance with the selection, as this decision going wrong can impact the entire life of your child.

Top CBSE schools in Noida

Here is a list of the best CBSE schools you can choose for your child. The list will ease your work significantly as you can skip researching multiple options and pick one from this list itself.

The Global Indian International School Noida

GIIS Noida is a renowned, multi-award-winning international public school with top-notch facilities and the best curriculum offerings. They have a team of highly qualified and skilled teachers, each proficient in their area of expertise. Furthermore, their unique 9GEMS learning strategy proves highly beneficial for students. They get to explore different horizons of learning. They get a chance to try their hands at sports, co-curricular activities, and performing arts; and decide where they want to excel in their career. As a result, GIIS Noida got the first rank in multiple categories under the surveys done by various authorities.

DPS Noida

Delhi Public School is one of the popular choices for a CBSE school in Noida. They have a technically-equipped infrastructure and strategically planned curriculum to ensure quality education. If you have ever looked for the best school options in Noida, you surely would have come across DPS. They have campuses in multiple cities of the country, each having excellent academic record and quality services. The school ranked in the list of top 5 schools in Noida many times.

Apeejay School 

Apeejay School is full of resources, facilities, and amenities that contribute to the holistic development of every child. They prove their academic excellence through their students’ results year after year. Additionally, they train their students in soft skills and make them academically sound. They also integrate various activities that improve public speaking, creative thinking, moral learning, and other essential skills. As a result, the school ranked number 1 in the leader’s category and number 2 in the Education World India School Ranking.

Cambridge School

The school boasts of having a world-class infrastructure with technically equipped labs, resourceful libraries, and state–of–the–art classrooms to ensure quality learning. Their teaching and non-teaching faculty are highly qualified and skilled in their work. They help impart the best education for children and balance co-curricular activities along with it. As a result, the children get a nurturing and happy environment, ensuring better growth and evolvement of every child. As a result, the school always holds a higher rank in the top 5 schools in Noida.

Ryan International School

With over 140 institutions across the country, Ryan International has emerged as one of the best schools in Noida. They have all the amenities and facilities required for the growth of children. Their association with tech giants like Google gives children better exposure and makes them future-ready. The school ranks amongst the best schools in Noida with better opportunities and a nurturing environment.

The list of top CBSE schools in Noida is endless. There are countless options available with varied fee structures and resources that a child needs for a fruitful life. You can visit the school websites of all the options listed above. Gather as much information about them as you can and take a call based on that. If possible, visit the school you choose personally to ensure everything is perfect. Choose the best school, and your child’s future is secured.

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