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Top 7 Pod cast App mobigarage

Top 7 Pod cast App mobigarage

A good podcast can always keep you hooked, any time of the day. Whenever you feel like it, you can take on an audio journey of any genre – politics, entertainment, comedy, crime or literature. There’s always something interesting out there. Unlike articles and web series, you need not stare at the screen for long to consume this content and that makes it stand out. A survey from Edison One and Triton Digital has reported a significant increase in the number of podcast listeners in 2020. Now, this speaks volumes about the liking for podcasts.

There are hundreds of apps out there that offer access to a wide range of podcasts. However, in some instances, it gets a little difficult to find ‘the “Best Refurbished Mobile” matches our needs and provides access to all the podcasts of our choice. Hence, in this article, we have made things easier for you. We have compiled a list of the 7 best podcast apps of 2021. So, let’s begin.

  1. Spotify 

This one needs no introduction. One of the best, most popular and most used music streaming services. Having started streaming podcasts in early 2016, Spotify today has become one of the most used podcasts streaming applications. It offers a wide range of podcast genres. From TV shows to sports to stories and poetry, you will get everything here. And the cherry on the cake? You can use this application for free! Yes, you can download the app and use the service for free as long as you don’t mind some audio advertisements in between. But, if you don’t want to spoil the experience and enjoy the ad-free version, opt for a paid premium version. All in all, a great application for podcasts and music too.

If you’re someone who is already using Spotify to listen to music, you don’t really need to look for a separate podcast streaming application. You can use Spotify itself and you would love it.

Selection: 2.2 million podcasts

Price: Free (with ads), Rs.129 a month (ad-free)

Exclusive Podcasts: Yes

Download Spotify:

  1. Google Podcasts

Yes, our favourite search engine has also come up with its very own podcast streaming application. This app had a rough start in the beginning but it’s working much better now. This one is completely free of cost. So, you can easily access the podcasts available whenever you want to and pick up exactly where you left from. The homepage of the app recommends and directs you to some of the best shows as per your liking and those trending the most. All in all, a standard podcast application with playback speed controls and the ability to skip silence segments. Further, it also allows you to add podcasts directly from google search.

A very user-friendly and convenient application to use that contains all the features required in a podcast streaming app.

Selection: Not specified

Price: Free

Exclusive Podcasts: No

Download Google Podcasts:

  1. Apple Podcasts 

Though exclusive to Apple devices, this is one of the best and most comprehensive podcast applications available. The platform provides free access to over 30 million episodes. Further, you can easily download your desired podcast for offline listening. That’s not it as it has several other unique features too. Sync the podcast service with Siri, connect the application to Amazon Alexa Products, have easy playback controls, set a sleep timer and whatnot. Recently, Apple has also added curated channels and premium subscription offers for exclusive shows and extra content.

In short, the best podcast streaming application for iOS users. If you’re one of the Apple owners, please do not miss this wonderful application.

Selection: 1 million +

Price: Free, Rs.75 & up for individual show subscriptions

Exclusive Podcasts: Yes

Download Apple Podcasts:

  1. Audible 

Audible is an Amazon-backed application. It was previously an audiobook-centric app but today, it also provides access to a number of Podcasts including Audible Original shows. The genres covered are varied – comedy, relationships, tech and more. It also allows you to explore reviews from the listeners. This makes Audible one of the most user-friendly platforms. Like several other platforms, even this one allows easy download of podcasts, change speed, skip back and forth, offline listening and setting up a sleep timer. It also works seamlessly with Amazon’s Alexa-enabled device. What more could you want?

Just another perfect podcast streaming application. If you are more into making use of Amazon’s Alexa-enabled device, this one should be your choice.

Selection: 1,00,000

Price: Free (with ads), starting from $8 a month (premium plus subscription)

Exclusive Podcasts: Yes

Download Audible:

  1. Stitcher

Unlike Spotify and Audible, Stitcher focuses solely on podcasts. An app with the most straightforward layout. You’ll find a precise assortment of podcasts from different genres to choose from. Further, the platform’s unique features include an array of playback and download options, sleep timer and rewind option. The app also hosts a number of Stitcher original shows namely “Dark Arenas”, ” Going Deep”, etc. However, not all of these shows are free but some are exclusive to Stitcher’s ad-free Premium plan.

In brief, the most straightforward podcast streaming application. If you’re someone who’s not so much into music/songs and are only looking for podcasts, you can go for Stitcher.

Selection: 2,60,000

Price: Free (with ads), $5 a month (ad-free)

Exclusive Podcasts: Yes

Download Stitcher:

  1. TuneIn Radio.

Though the primary focus of TuneIn is radio, it is also known for streaming some of the popular podcasts. The app’s search tab allows you to choose podcasts from plenty of genres. Again, even this application is compatible with Alexa-enabled devices. Also, you’ll find some of the interesting features such as fast forward/rewind by 30 seconds, clock display, setting of sleep timer/alarm, like button and others. Further, if you do not find a particular podcast in TuneIn, you can easily add it to the app via the custom URL button in your library.

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