Top 5 Websites for Selling Your Junk Car

Keeping your outdated car in the garage or backyard is a real burden. Hence, you must get rid of it immediately and enjoy some cash after selling it. Are you worried about not getting a taker around? Luckily, several websites are there to sell your junk vehicle instantly and help you get a good amount of cash.

Those companies pay a captivating amount for your car depending on the manufacturer, model, specifications, and condition of your jalopy. So, without delay, let’s check out the top 5 websites for selling your junk car for the fastest cash.  

  1. USCarJunker

Stop wondering if you ever think of converting your junker into cash! You can get cash for junk cars on this page. However, USCarJunker is one of the best websites for selling your junk vehicle, and it lets you sell your car within three simple steps:

  • Get your vehicle quoted

You need to fill out the elementary information of your junk car or call their given number. Then, you will get a quick offer with a special price, which beats the competition.

  • Accept the offer and plan to tow

If you’re happy with their offer, you may schedule a date and time to pick up your vehicle.

  • Get paid on the spot

USCarJunker services will help you get cash right after a quick inspection. You will never be charged a dime for any additional costs.

  1. WeJunkCars

Another great website to get rid of your old, unused jalopy and get cash from is WeJunkCars. But to sell your junk car near you, it’s important to use a local junkyard, choose the private route to sell your outdated car through, and see if your neighbors and friends are interested in getting junk cars or posting such cars on social networking software. 

However, the last option is to visit WeJunkCars and upload your car details to this combined scrap car platform. It helps you sell your vehicle safely and rapidly once you submit all the details. Once done, they will contact you with an assuredly high price offer per your car’s condition.

  1. USScrapYard

Selling your old car isn’t a hassle anymore when you have USScarpYard! Once you submit the car information, you will obtain an instant cash quote for the listed vehicle. The most significant factors that influence your scrap price are:

  • Supply and demand.
  • The current market price.
  • Location.
  • Quantity and quality of the scrap materials.

Hence, while earning cash for your scrap or old car, choosing the best scrap yard, like USScrapYard, would be the best option for valuing your car. However, this site is the best option due to its time-saving facility, no hidden charges, guaranteed offer, and quick cash for cars. 

  1. USJunkYard

Selling an old car is a real headache, from insurance to repairs. Therefore, the top-notch solution is to salvage the yard near you, and USJunkYard is what suits you the best. This website is a one-stop choice if you’re searching to sell your car easily and obtain the most appropriate deal. All you need to do is fill out a form, and you will obtain an offer for your car within seconds. 

After you accept the offer, they will buy your junk vehicle and pick it up at the right time. Then, they will pay for your vehicle and drag it away quickly. Once they make a fair deal, you will be paid in cash or check at the pickup location, and their carriers will haul it away after the payment is made. 

  1. Yards Near Me

Do you want to know how much the junk vehicle is worth? This site, Yards Near Me, will tell you the amount you can take home! If you would like to rummage for scrap yards but aren’t sure how to, YardsNearMe can make the process hassle-free. 

This platform offers the most adjacent junkyards to help you find auto salvage yard details you might need as per the car brand and location. Moreover, you may also contact them directly and sell them efficiently. The best thing about this site is that it provides free trailer service, which means you can enjoy such a service to choose your junk car after contacting and granting an offer.


What are you thinking of with these top 5 websites wanting to purchase your outdated car? Don’t forget to compare the prices before selling your model. Always remember to select the most coveted offers that provide maximum value for your ruined car. 

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