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The world of finance has recently been shaken up by the dramatic events of Thursday, January 28th. On this day, GameStop, a brick and mortar video game retailer, saw its stock surge more than 300% in a single day. The driving source behind this increase was an unlikely force – a group of small investors on the trading app Robinhood. These investors were driven by the idea of “short squeezing” and creating a massive return on their investments. thursday gamestop robinhoodkelly theverge

The much-anticipated trading battle between GameStop and Robinhood is finally here. On Thursday, the two companies are set to clash in what some investors are calling the “Battle of Wall Street”. This high profile competition has caught the attention of many as both companies have been at the center of controversy for their questionable business practices. The stakes couldn’t be higher for both players, making this event a must-watch for anyone interested in stocks and investing. thursday gamestop robinhoodkelly theverge

With the recent surge of interest in trading stocks, Thursday has been a historic day for both Gamestop and RobinhoodKelly. This week, RobinhoodKelly earned a huge victory when their stock rose significantly due to unprecedented buying activity. This increase in stock value has caused many people to consider investing in the company, resulting in an explosion of attention and curiosity surrounding the company’s future.

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