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The Everest Foundation: Bridging The Gender Gap In Medicine

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The year 1848 wouldn’t recognize the world that we live in today. Buildings stretch forth towards the sky, historical discoveries that once seemed impossible, a world of equality for women, and a world with so much further to go still. 

Our great-great-grandmothers likely only dreamed of what it would have been like to be educated like their peers, hold a scalpel in their hand, save lives, and demand respect even as they gave it.

Imagine what that world would look like if you had never lived inside of space where your dreams were not only possible but probable. 

Breaking Glass Ceilings

Like every industry, glass ceilings still exist after all this time and all the hard work of the women that came before our generations. If you were to gaze across the many career avenues around the globe, you’d find that from media to medicine, every woman has become a little girl’s inspiration and a warrior in a fight that she may or not know she has signed up for. 

Agata Everest is among the many women today working hard to ensure that the little girls that look upwards have someone to look to and a glass ceiling that will one day be no more. 

A longtime heavy hitter in her industry, Agata is the daughter-in-law of the late Dr. Edwin A.D. Everest. The late Dr. Everest had a vision for advancement. 

He longed to see changes and lived his life in hopes of seeing some of those changes during his lifetime and leaving a legacy of change for his children and the generations to follow them.  Agata Everest would unknowingly become one of the answers to her late father-in-law’s prayers. 

With a heavy focus on women in medicine, Agata made it her life’s work to not only bridge the gender gap in the medical field but to bridge it well and hands-on, ensuring that no matter how small the change, it was a change that built another stepping-stone for every woman who dreamed of healing, helping and changing her community. 

Humble Beginnings 

For The Everest Foundation, the best beginnings to any change would come from creating an advisory board, helping it shift the atmosphere of medicine as the world knew it. 

Each coming from different worlds, medicine, academics, and business, Agata and the team at The Everest Foundation came together to ensure that the non-profit worked from the ground up to unite some of the brightest minds with a heart to see actual change and make effective decisions for the women and families around them. 

Well-known for her heart for teaching, medical education is one of Agata Everest’s most passionate pursuits. 

One of her duties at The Everest Foundation is to help find and fund medical schools and teaching hospitals all around the globe so they can create solutions through tools like grants and other aids that help propel the field of medicine further. 

Joint Efforts for Change

A picture of two physicians working together to help assist a patient in a procedure

All change comes from a team of dreamers. Agata works side-by-side with many of medicine’s leading men and women, including her husband, Dr. Michael Everest.

Leading Residents Medical Group, Dr. Michael Everest, and his wife Agata are a powerhouse reminder of what tomorrow could look like. 

Their primary focus is on education for the medical community—more graduate medical education, more healthy people. More women in medicine, more daughters, sisters, and mothers are making great strides for tomorrow’s future. 

The Everest Foundation and the Everest family work diligently to locate funding for further training for medical professionals and research that could change the face of healthcare.

They have found that better preparing medical school residents for residency may define their careers. At the time of printing, only 30% of all residents have any experience in medical research. 

If this number went up even slightly, we would have better healthcare and better doctors. These two things just might help to create a better world. 

A Focus on Need

The majority of funding efforts from both groups lie heavily in areas of the United States that go overlooked. Putting a helping hand in areas that need it most furthers the effectiveness of the doctors in the area and furthers the health of the people in the communities in which they serve. 

This gives and takes incredibly importance to Agata and The Everest Foundation. From underprivileged areas to spaces with limited healthcare, the goal is to further women and further their communities. 

Healthy communities have always been at the heart of medicine and targeting the areas left behind. This helps ensure that no one is forgotten, left behind, or lacking the care they need. 

About Medical Residents Group

While Agata plays a pivotal role at The Everest Foundation, she plays a supporting role with her husband’s group. With an emphasis on ensuring every resident can find where they truly fit best, Residents Medical Group is a heavily connected group of minds with a heart for locating specialties and proper placement for fellowships. 

When residents have the opportunity to be connected to some of the best medical schools globally, they have a better opportunity to dream. 

Taking the overwhelming feeling out of residency for young doctors creates the ability to focus and hone in on exactly where their skills best fit for themselves and their families. 

Women as Front Runners 

Agata Everest believes that emphasizing women in medicine is where she can truly do the most good. No matter the economic background or limitations, she dreams of seeing the gift of medicine spring forth from more and more women. 

This alone is a dream that will have to be dreamed of for years to come in a male-dominated industry. However, Agata knows that with time, effort, and relentless dedication, the change can occur one day, one movement, one woman at a time. 

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