Popular Hollywood Celebrities That You Should Follow On Instagram

That You Should Follow On Instagram

Celebrities are people we enjoy watching and listening to over and over again. People are often seen obsessing and at the same time fascinated by their exquisite fashion sense, expensive vacations, and net worth. Their hustle stories inspire us and make us wonder how hard work and talent can outweigh any other adversities in life. In the game of popularity and followers, the stars kids are two-step ahead of their parents. They acquire attention even before their birth, and people go crazy to get a glance at them. Let’s have a closer view of our compilation of Hollywood celebrities (kids) that you should follow on Instagram.

Bodhi Ransom Green

Bodhi Ransom Green is considered one of the cutest celebrities kids. Being born in the family of Hollywood A-listers, as her mother Megan Fox is an American actress and father Brian Austin Green is an American actor, how can he stay away from the eyes of the media. Because of being at such a tender age, his parents tried numerous ways to shield him from the media as much as possible, but he had already gathered love and fame until then. After being inspired by Buddhism, Megan named her son ‘bodhi,’ meaning enlightenment. Megan treats us occasionally, posting pictures of the little munchkin on Instagram, which has made him endeared in all hearts. People also say that bodhi ransom green is a mini version of his mother, Megan. So, what do you think about this? Tell us in our comments.

Jasmine Johnson

Jasmine Johnson is the second child of American Actor, Producer, and retired Professional Wrestler ‘The Rock’ and Lauren Hashian. Yes, you read it right! She is the daughter of the immensely popular Dwayne Douglas Johnson. Dwane couldn’t keep her happiness to himself, so he posted a video of the little princess on Instagram. Within no time, the video got viral all over the Internet. Jasmine got the limelight and fame as soon as the video got viral. She has a younger sister and an elder half-sister. Jasmine never leaves us with a dull moment as her parents frequently post adorable pictures and videos on Instagram.

Khai Malik

Khai Malik is the firstborn child of internationally famous personalities Gigi Hadid And Zyan Malik. She was born in the limelight and continues to sparkle every day. She even debuted on Instagram after some days of her birth and treated us with a black-and-white photo. Being the daughter of Gigi Hadid, an American supermodel, and Zyan Malik, an English Singer, and Musician, Khai expose to the media since her birth. Keeping her privacy, security, and tender age in mind, her parents never post pictures of her face. Zyan Malik revealed that his third studio album ‘Nobody is Listening’ is dedicated to his little daughter Khai.

John Edward Thomas Moynahan

John Edward Thomas Moynahan is one of the most popular celebrity kids. Being the son of Bridget Moynahan, a renowned Hollywood Model, and Actress, and Tom Brady, the National football league’s legend, it is no surprise why John accumulated stardom at such a young age. He gained the media’s attention and the love of people even before his birth. He has two younger half-siblings. John shares the same passion for American football as his father and wants to be a professional athlete. Some people also regard john edward thomas moynahan as a look-a-like of his father. He is really serious about his passion, and we guess, as he prefers eating organics and greens at such a young age where teens are much attracted to fast foods.

That’s all, readers. These are our top child celebrities you should follow on Instagram. Though some of the kids are not on Instagram, their parents treat us with cute pictures of them. I hope you find the article entertaining.

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