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Summer beauty routine: 6 steps to look great

It is easy to have healthy skin during summer with a little color and light. This is possible by creating a beauty regimen that changes with each season, uses the correct products, and is consistent.

Summer is upon us and with it the holidays. Make sure you take care of yourself so that you don’t get any damage or imperfections. We offer a special beauty regimen to help you get started. Get started today and show off your great skin!

Summer beauty routine

The skin becomes oilier and shinier as we sweat more Add to this the dryness caused by sun, chlorine, and seawater exposure, and you have the perfect combination for not being able to see your face well. This skincare routine will focus on intense cleansing and glowing skin.


Step 1

To maintain a clean and fresh complexion, it is essential to do a good facial cleaning in the summer. It is important to clean your skin both in the morning and night.

Begin by cleaning the eyes and lips. Next, wash your neck with warm soapy water. You can substitute this product depending on your skin type with a specific cleanser.

You can also replace your makeup remover wipes with other products if you have limited luggage space on your trip.

Step 2

The serum contains a higher content of active ingredients than creams. This makes it one of the essential cosmetics. Because it is fluid in texture, it penetrates deeper into the skin and works on inner layers. This is where the cells regenerate and absorb the benefits of the formulations.

It is best to use it morning and night. We can also choose intensive or specific treatment serums or a maintenance one. After cleansing and toning your skin, apply it to your face and neck with circular movements. Always work from the inside out. You only need 3 drops per application. This product is very versatile.


Step 3

It is often overlooked in beauty routines. However, it is vital because the eye contour region is more vulnerable to signs of aging. It is thinner, more delicate, and the first lines of expression. Deep wrinkles may also begin to form due to facial expression and gesticulation.

This is the area to be considered. Apply the product to the eyes using gentle circular movements and finish with low pressure. Many textures can be found. We must consider what we are most concerned about to find the best texture.

Step 4

It is important that you apply the moisturizer every day, morning, and evening. The active ingredients will help protect any products we have used previously from oxidation or evaporation.

Apply your cream in gentle circular motions, just like the other products. It is best to use different creams depending on your skin’s needs. For the day, you can apply the cream with gentle circular movements. Night creams should contain sun protection for your skin.

Step 5

We must all be aware of the dangers of the ozone layer becoming more damaged and the strong UV rays filtrations. It is important to protect our skin from UVA rays and UVB rays.

You should use sunscreen on the face and one for the body. This must be determined based on the type and phototypes of your skin.

Do not forget to apply a sunscreen cream in the morning. We don’t realize that summer is a long time spent outside and need to protect ourselves from the sun. Many moisturizers have it already. If not, you can buy one.

Step 6

It is up to each person to decide. However, in summer it is better to use fluid makeup bases and mattifying products to avoid the unpleasant sensation of shine. To prevent your makeup from moving or running in the heat or humidity, you can use waterproof mascara. You can continue the same routine as usual but useless. Your skin will become more vibrant, and this is the time to showcase a natural look.

  • Apply a little thermal water to your skin if it is dry or irritated.
  • Get plenty of water. At least 2 liters per day is recommended.
  • Sleep at least 6 hours per night.
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