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Once a marriage relationship breaks down, spouses can disagree on the financial aspects. Spouses indeed argue over support matters that have other names, including alimony and spousal maintenance. Divorce Act permits the court to grant spousal support on the petition of either spouse. Nevertheless, it entails matters, such as provisions on the type, factors, and entailments for child support matters before award. No 1 Mississauga family lawyers understand divorce-related family matters all-inclusively. Divorcing parties can benefit from divorce lawyers’ knowledge and understanding to clear their doubts concerning family law matters. Hence, hiring a divorce attorney is beneficial in two ways for divorcing parties, getting a divorce and settling divorce-related matters. 

Spousal Support and Related Questions 

Statutory language is complex and can leave you with more questions than answers. You may either receive or pay spousal support with a divorce based on your financial situation in Mississauga. Spousal support is a heatedly contested issue because it can influence your finance and future. Legal counselling with a family lawyer can help you comprehend spousal support comprehensively. Some of the common questions that spouses have regarding this matter embrace the following:

Q1. Who Can Petition for Spousal Support?

Either of the divorcing party can file for a petition requesting support. The court has the authority to grant it temporarily when divorce proceedings are pending and also after a divorce case conclusion. Spousal support decision is based on spouses association with the business as partners. Both spouses may contribute and walk away on fairly equal footing for spousal support. Typically, lower-income spouses request spousal support.  

Q2. What Factors Does the Court Ponder When Granting Spousal Support?

Each divorce is different, and the judge decides spousal support after evaluating certain factors. The focus of the court for spousal support is on the needs, means, and financial situations of each party. The court must address the following factors before deciding on spousal support:

  1. Period the spouses have lived together
  2. Each party’s role during the marriage relationship     
  3. The role of spouses in a marriage and breakdown of spouses on spouses’ current financial situations
  4. Ongoing responsibilities for the care of the children, if any
  5. Any previous orders or agreements made about spousal support  

No 1 Mississauga family lawyers can guide spouses correctly in a divorce concerning spousal support grant and divorce-related matters. Therefore, divorcing parties shouldn’t overlook hiring the best divorce lawyer to proceed with a divorce without complications and resolve divorce-related matters amenably like spousal support.

Q3. How Does Child Support Influence Spousal Support?

Courts always prioritize child support over spousal support to protect the child’s best interests. If divorcing parties earn a limited income, they may receive a nominal grant of spousal support. However, the Divorce Act also allows a reduction or termination of child support with a change of circumstances. Hence, a court can reconsider spousal support with a change in circumstances. 

Q4. What If Spouses Reach a Spousal Support Settlement?

When the divorcing parties come to settlement terms, a court will typically assent the agreement. As a result, the court will pass the appropriate order. However, the court may reject the agreement between spouses concerning spousal support if it impacts child support.

No 1 Family Lawyers – Are They Only Big Firms’ Lawyer?

You may think that hiring a no 1 family lawyer will cost you a lot of money because they represent big law firms. Nevertheless, big firm lawyers aren’t always the best because they may not answer your calls timely because of their busy schedules. Instead, you can consider a reputable small firm lawyer such as Divorce Fast who understands Ontario’s divorce and family law. Besides, lawyers of the aforementioned firm have assisted divorcing parties in the past with fast divorce and successful divorce-related family matter settlements. Additionally, a small firm’s no 1 divorce or family lawyers aren’t highly expensive, unlike big firm lawyers.


Once a marriage relationship breaks down, spouses can differ on the financial aspects. One of the heatedly contested matters in a divorce is spousal support that spouses need to make a settlement for. Legal counselling with one of the no 1 Mississauga family lawyers can help spouses understand and settle spousal support. Lastly, the four common questions that spouses often have in mind regarding spousal support are mentioned below:

  1. Who Can Petition for Spousal Support?
  2. What Factors Does the Court Ponder When Granting Spousal Support?
  3. How Does Child Support Influence Spousal Support?
  4. What If Spouses Reach a Spousal Support Settlement?

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