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The new app, Spaces, wants to make parking easier- and cheaper. By the end of 2018, the average American will spend $345 on parking. That’s more than the average person spends on groceries in a month. And it’s not just the cost of parking that’s frustrating, it’s also the time spent looking for a spot. In fact, the average person spends 17 minutes looking for a parking spot. spaces ticketed spacespereztechcrunch

Perez Hilton is no stranger to drama, but his latest venture has him in hot water with the tech community. The gossip maven has launched a new website, spacespereztechcrunch, that is devoted to live-streaming fights between tech moguls. The site has already drawn the ire of some high-profile figures in the industry, who say that it’s nothing more than an attempt to cash in on Silicon Valley’s culture of conflict. spaces ticketed spacespereztechcrunch

In the world of online real estate, there are a few big players. One of these is Spaces, a site that offers users the ability to find and book space for their events. Recently, Spaces has been in the news for ticketing event spaces. This has caused some controversy, as some people feel that this is a way for the company to make more money. However, Spaces has defended its decision, saying that the fees will help to cover the costs of maintaining the site.

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