Simple Tricks to Speed up Your iPhone

If your iPhone is running slowly, don’t rush out to get a new one. Here are some tricks to speed up your iPhone. However, if they don’t work or you have wanted to buy a new phone for a long time, go ahead and order a new one.

Without further ado, look at the fuss-free ways to boost your iPhone’s speed.

Kill all Unnecessary Programs

Whether you are working on your Mac or iPhone, too many background apps and processes running simultaneously may significantly impact the speed of your device. Like the force quit option on Mac and Windows, users can resort to the iPhone kill command.

If you’re using iPhone 6 or older, double-click the home button and slide apps to find the ones you wish to quit. Next, tap and hold the application you want to quit and tap the red badge.

iPhone 7 and 8 users can double-click the home button > slide the apps to find the ones that wish to stop > and swipe the application up and off the top.

Users of iPhone X and newer models can stop unnecessary apps and programs running in the background by swiping up from the bottom of the screen and then pausing halfway to reveal the multitasking view. Next, swipe the application you wish to quit and tap the wallpaper to return to the home screen.

Clear Safari Cookies and Data

Clearing Safari’s data and cookies mean the web browser will no longer suggest URLs when typing unless you have bookmarked them. Also, some websites might take longer to load and may forget your preferences. You might even have to log in to your online accounts the next time you visit the website.

However, clearing cookies and data now and then is considered good practice and will protect your privacy when surfing the web.

So, go to Settings > tap Safari > tap Clear History and Website Data.

Restart your Phone

Restarting your phone can boost performance and solve problems. First, press the Sleep/Wake button and slide the switch to turn off your phone. Then, press and hold the button again until the Apple logo appears on your phone’s screen.

Also, turning your phone off and on will help clear the RAM. Your device will get a fresh start. The apps and programs taking a lot of memory will close. So, your phone should start to function with speed.

Change the Motion and Transparency Settings

Visual effects might make your phone attractive but lead to overheating your device. You can boost the speed of your iPhone by switching off or reducing these visual effects.

On your phone, go to Settings > tap Accessibility > choose Display and text size > Toggle the Reduce transparency button to On.

Then, you must go to Settings > tap Accessibility > tap Motion and toggle the Reduce Motion button to On.

Disable Automatic Background App Refresh and Downloads

Every user must know that disabling automatic background app refresh and downloads is a great trick. It helps in speeding up the phone’s performance and enhances battery life.

Open Settings and select General to turn these off. Then, tap Background App Refresh and toggle it Off.

Go back to Settings and tap the App Store option. Then, toggle off Apps and App Updates under Automatic Downloads.

Uninstall the Unnecessary Apps

Review all the games and applications on your phone. It would be best if you uninstalled anything you don’t use regularly. They might be taking up a lot of space and eating resources by updating and running them in the background.

On your iPhone, you can delete applications by tapping and holding them. When they go into jiggle mode, you can hold the app icon you wish to remove and choose Delete app.

Disable Siri

Apple’s personal assistant is Siri, but when enabled, it can take up a lot of memory and slow down your phone. You can turn it off to boost your phone’s performance.

Siri can suggest resources when you search in your iOS 9 or later, but this feature is known to slow down the phone. You can turn it off by going to Settings > tapping Siri and Search.

If you use an iPhone 6S or newer, you can say Hey Siri to summon the assistant. However, the feature can slow your phone, and it is best to turn it off by going to Settings > tapping Siri and Search > toggling off Listen for Hey Siri > tapping the Turn off Siri button.

Update to the Latest iOS

Apple regularly introduces newer versions of iOS, and users can access better security and improved features. Also, these updates help to improve the phone’s overall performance. You can check if there’s an update available by going to Settings > tapping General > tapping Software Update. If there’s an update waiting, you can download and install it.

Final Thoughts

There’s more juice to your iPhone than what meets the eye. Follow the tips mentioned above to boost your phone’s speed.

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