Remarkable Solutions to Fix Brother Printer Offline Issue

If Brother Printer is in a state that reads ” Offline,” it isn’t connected to any other device, for instance, desktop or laptop computers If it can be found to be “Online,” it is connected with other gadgets. Connection via other equipment is essential for the printer to be able to receive data from other devices to print documents. Your Brother Printer might be listed in the status “Brother  Printer showing offline” because it is not operational, has issues such as empty toner, or it’s not the default printer, or the USB cable or its Network are experiencing problems with the connection.

Printer Not Turned On

The Brother Printer may be marked as “Offline” because it is not on. Even if the printer is linked to your PC through USB the computer won’t recognize any connection if your printer is shut off. Brother recommends that you check the LCD display of your printer If it’s blank, the printer isn’t functioning properly. Make sure that the printer is connected to the electrical outlets, that the outlet is functioning, and that all switches are set into the “On” setting.

Brother Printer Error

The Brother printer could be labeled in the status “Offline” if it is experiencing issues like “Toner Empty” or “Paper Jam,” both of which will stop printing. Brother recommends that you check the LCD of your printer to see if there are any errors that might be causing the issue. If you notice errors, you should try to fix the issue before reviewing the printer’s online status for the second time.

Printer not the Default Printer

The Brother printer could appear to be “Offline” if it is not selected as the primary printer for your PC. The default printer is the one to which your computer or laptop automatically prints a job (unless you choose to specify an alternative) when you select “Print.” If your Brother printer isn’t set as the default, then your computer can attempt to join another printer. It is possible to make your printer the default on the computer’s “Devices” section. If it’s not list as a device in the Devices section, then you need to install the driver on a CD-ROM, or from Brother’s website.

USB Cable or Network Problem

Your Brother printer may also be mark with the status “Offline” if its connection is not working. If you connect your printer using a USB cable, it may be defective in the hardware. Brother suggests USB cables with the twisted pair wire as well as shielding and are not longer than 6 feet in length. If you connect your printer to an internet connection it could be inaccessible or protected by firewalls; Brother recommends looking into the router or hub of your network as well as your computer’s firewall settings to ensure it isn’t blocking the network connection. You can also run diagnostic tests for your network connection.

To Fix Follow These Steps Below.

Step A: Make sure your Brother machine is turn on and there aren’t errors

If the screen of your Brother machine (hereinafter known as LCD) is blank, the machine might not be running. Examine the machine to determine whether it has woken from sleep mode.

If it isn’t ensure that you have it plug into an active socket and that any switch on the power is turn ON.

Note: If you’re not able to turn on the computer, this method is not applicable. Find the root of the issue.

Be sure to check on the LCD for any errors. One example is “Paper Jam” or “Ink/Toner Empty”. If the LCD indicates an error, you need to investigate the issue to resolve the problem.

STEP B: Ensure sure that the printing device is connect to your computer.

  • If you are using the USB cable, ensure that you connect the USB cable both to the computer and printer.
  • Try connecting it directly to the computer, not via a hub.
  • If you’re using an Ethernet cable, make sure that the cable is connect both to the printer and the router/hub/switch.
  • Print the page for network configuration to verify that the address is IP.
  • If you’re using wireless connections print the page for network configuration to verify whether the network configuration page is correct.

When the problem persists continue, proceed to step C.

Step C (Windows) Check that your Brother machine select to be the default printer.

  • Go to the printer’s folder, and check if there’s the checkmark on the icon of your Brother icon.

D: Now delete all printing job jobs in the Devices and Printers window

E: Check the printer’s status using the Devices and Printers window

F: If you have a copy of the Brother’s icons (For instance:

  • A duplicate of your printer that has the same name can be made if:
  • Connected your Brother computer to another USB port on your computer.
  • I have installed the same driver several times.
  • This can result in certain copies of your driver not functioning properly. To print, pick the printer driver you are confident is functioning.

To determine which driver for your printer is in operation, follow these things:

Switch on the Brother machine. If there are other machines connect, you must turn only the Brother machine you intend to make use of.

Go to the folder for printers:

(Windows 8 and later)

  • Open the Control Panel. (Click here to learn how to access your Control Panel.)
  • Click Hardware and Sound > Devices and Printers.
  • (Windows 7)
  • Click Start > Devices and Printers.
  • Move the cursor over the icon of the printer until the pop-up with the status of your printer appears.

If the status reads Ready, this means that the driver for your printer is functioning properly. Choose this driver for your printer when printing.

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