Reasons You Keep Getting Rejected From Jobs verification

Even with a large number of vacancies and complaints from organizations regarding the catastrophic shortage of qualified staff, finding a job is not an easy task. Despite being a highly qualified professional with tons of experience, specialized education, qualifications, you can face rejection more than once. In this article, we will analyze the causes of such occurrences. 


Why am I not being selected for the position? Unfortunately, it is tough to provide a straightforward answer to this question. Usually, a talent acquisition manager’s decision is influence by a combination of factors. So now let’s consider the top causes of being reject from a job. 


Reason 1. Unconvincing Resumes


Most applicants for a vacant position are screened by the recruiting team at the initial stage of studying their resumes. Resumes are not just a piece of paper that can be compiled from a set of standard phrases. “Teamwork, patience, time management, communication and creativity” has failed to impress picky recruiters for a long time – they are mainly not interested in lyrics but in facts. 


One of the common mistakes most job seekers make is writing a typical resume and sending it to a dozen businesses. However, before sending off your resume to a potential employer, it is recommend to study at least a little of its requirements regarding the candidates, and take an interest in the company’s profile. For example, to hire a candidate for the software developer position in a tech company, knowledge of programming languages is require. This is why it is worth pointing out not only the fact of acquaintance with the programming language, but also additional necessary information (availability of relevant certificates, experience with development environment and applications).


  • What should not be mention on a resume? Inaccurate facts, errors (grammatical, spelling, stylistic). It is also recommend to use a minimum of lyrical digressions. 
  • What must be include in a resume apart from the standard information? Proofs that you satisfy the requirements of the employer. 


Reason 2 . Interview mistakes


If your resume impresses the talent acquisition department, you will be invite for an in-person interview. What is expect from an applicant at this hiring stage:


  • Confirmation regarding the competency of the candidate. Suppose you mention in your resume that you can program Android applications. In that case, you can and should be prepare for the fact that you will be ask to show applications develop by you, their characteristics, features and framework. 
  • Accuracy and politeness. A neat appearance, demeanor, good behavior- and no reason to doubt that you are not an ideal employee. 
  • Concrete, constructive conversation. While discussing your strengths, reinforce the words with detailed examples of achievements. 
  • By any means, one can’t be late for an interview. Even if an organization works on a rotating schedule, an applicant who arrives late for an interview looks frivolous and considered irresponsible. 


Reason 3 . ” Suspicious” Candidate


Employee check using background verification companies in India is a mandatory procedure in most companies. If the organization has collaborations with background check companies, they will verify both the employment history and personal details of the candidate. If they lack such a partnership, then the talent acquisition team or the immediate supervisor will verify the potential candidate. 


You may be reject for a job due to the following reasons: 


Presence of Criminal record:

Regardless of the reasons and whether you were convicted or not, the presence of a criminal record is a good reason to refuse a permanent job position. In addition, it is prohibit to employ people with a criminal history for some specific positions. These positions not only include civil servants but also regulatory bodies and teaching services. Moreover, do not forget if you have a problem with following laws, such a thing provides a hundred reasons for the employer to refuse a job offer. Therefore, it is recommend to assess your chances of employment beforehand. And prepare explanations for the recruitment team in advance to explain if your relationship with law and enforcement agencies is not successful. 


Being Wanted:

Another prominent reason, which may not have any criminal basis associated with it. For example, people who failed to pay installments for their car or home may be want. In such cases, one should remember that such information is not joyful for a potential employer regardless of the charges. Therefore, before proceeding with the job application, it is recommend to put everything in order. 


Financial history:

The presence of debts for which bailiffs carry law proceedings is not only your personal matter in the corporate environment. According to talent acquisition managers, financial problems create security risks for an organization. Such an employee (especially if their work involves financial responsibility) is more likely to commit fraud against the business than someone whose financials are sort. 


Low credit score:

Businesses perform credit checks using background verification companies since it allows them to predict possible financial risks. Simply put, the debt situation is not yet bad enough to lead to law proceedings but is already alarming.  


Before applying for a job position and submitting your resume, it is recommend to perform some self-examination. To perform this, you can take help from background verification companies in India which will help you look at yourself from an organizational perspective. 


Reason 4. Does not meet company requirements


Usually, rejection for employment is because an applicant simply does not meet the requirements of the company. A decisive role can be play by the lack of necessary experience, missing necessary skills. As well as your personal characteristics that will not allow you to fit with the existing team or share its value. 


If you are a seasoned professional but invariably hear “no” from the recruitment team at interviews or simply do not move beyond the stage of sending resumes at all. This is time to stop and look at yourself from the outside. Start with evaluating your resume, HR managers behavior, social media profile as if you were responsible for hiring new employees. Then examine the verification report as objectively as possible. If you are unable to do it on your own, call a friend for help. Such a thing can help you easily identify errors that are preventing you from landing a job. 


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