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Reasons to Hire Pest Exterminators in Vancouver, BC in the Winter

People have a misconception that they won’t encounter a pest problem in the winter in Vancouver, British Columbia. People think this way because the colder temperature doesn’t suit pests, so they won’t infest properties when the temperature drops. However, pests need to survive similar to humans; hence, they can make their way into homes in colder months. They invade properties in the winter seeking warmth and shelter. Various types of pests can infest properties in Vancouver, BC, in the winter, particularly rodents. You will feel the need to hire exterminators in Vancouver, BC, for pest control, no matter you run into a bedbug infestation or mice infestation on your property in the winter.

Why Can’t You Ignore Pest Control in Colder Months?

Pests are a nuisance, and honestly, no one likes pests making a mess on properties, damaging them, and spreading diseases. Evading pest control can even take lives, and that’s the worth consequence of a pest infestation. Besides, you won’t want to put your family at risk ignoring a pest infestation on your property in the winter. Contacting reliable pest exterminators like Pesticon is the best action against pests if they infest your home in the winter. Moreover, we want to share some reasons to help you understand the importance of pest control in the winter. Without further ado, let us jump into those reasons:

DIY Pest Control Isn’t a Complete Solution:

You may choose to exterminate pests yourself from your home once they invade it in colder months to save money. You should avoid DIY pest control because it isn’t a permanent solution to deal with a pest infestation. You can’t get rid of pests completely through over-the-counter pest control products because they aren’t highly effective against pests. Moreover, you can’t exterminate a pest infestation successfully through the DIY approach unless you have expertise like pest control experts. In its place, you shouldn’t waste time hiring exterminators to permanently get rid of pests from your home if pests infest your dwelling. 

Pests Adore Warmth:

Wintertime seems wonderful to people who enjoy the warmth while sitting close to the fire. Nonetheless, it doesn’t rub out the truth that pests also adore warmth during chilly months. Take bed bugs that thrive at a warm temperature. Additionally, rodents may use floorboards and walls in your home as their habitat in the winter. You shouldn’t let pests make your home their shelter for survival. You must have a plan to keep pests away from your property. Hire exterminators in Vancouver, BC, if your pest control plan fails to keep pests away from your residential space.  

Don’t Turn a Blind Eye to Small Holes:

Typically, rodents infest homes in Vancouver, BC, during the winter. Rodents can’t get warmth and enough food for survival while staying outside. Hence, they infest homes and business places to get food and shelter to survive. Rodents can fit into small holes the size of a quarter even if a home is sealed. Rodents aren’t pests to treat as funhouse guests. They gnaw on electrical wires, transmit diseases, and nest in insulation. Hence, you can’t ignore rodent control in chilly months. 

You Deserve Peace of Mind:

A pest infestation carries several health dangers. Additionally, rodents are a danger to the structural foundation of a property. Neither will you appreciate property damage, nor will you want to put your family at risk. You should ensure your property and family remain safe from pests in the winter. Thus, you should hire pest exterminators to keep your family and home safe from pests. It will give you the peace of mind you deserve to enjoy spending time at your home in the winter.

Hence, you have several reasons not to ignore pest control in the winter and ensure you live in a pest-free home. You should also take the necessary steps to avoid a pest infestation in colder months in the first place. Make sure you clean your property regularly, dispose of waste on time, and store food items securely. Ensuring a clean and hygienic environment in your home will help you avoid a pest infestation. Moreover, you can hire exterminators if pests infest your home in the winter despite the precautions.


People have a misconception that pests don’t infest homes in the winter. In the winter, pests can invade homes and business places looking for food and shelter for their survival. Besides, they are a threat to your home, as well as your family. Here are four reasons you can’t overlook hiring exterminators in Vancouver, BC, for pest control in the winter:

  1. DIY pest control isn’t a permanent solution against pests.
  2. Pests adore warmth; thus, they can likely infest your home in colder months.
  3. Rodents, in particular, can use small holes to infest a property in the winter.
  4. You will want to live in a pest-free home to have the peace of mind you deserve in the winter. 

Last but not least, don’t ignore following the precautions to evade a pest infestation in the winter initially.

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