Point of Sale Security: What Every Merchant Should Know

What Every Merchant Should Know

Merchants and businessmen are working hard to ensure that they could work endlessly to increase the point of sale terminal security to avoid any kind of threats. The major issue our businessmen are facing these days is skimming in which the transactions are down from the customer’s credit card or debit card to another account through frauds, the customers may use the chip card or the magnetic strip cards. Most of the customers pay transitions at the terminal with the PIN. The criminals place the electronic device on the terminal to capture secure data and information. The criminal makes false cards and performs false transactions.

Here are a few best practices that can avoid frauds that are listed down for the customized POS system for small business.

Physical Location

Knowing the physical locations is the easiest way the criminal can attack the customized POS system for small business. The main purpose of the criminals is to capture the greater revenue from the fraud of credit cards and debit cards at a very precise time. They want very low-risk factors with which they can attack the credit card at the pos for small businesses.

Criminals prefer to attack a business that is far from the metropolitan area. They typically target isolated locations. The major reason is these areas have fewer staff on duty. Customized pos for small businesses should learn about the risk associated with the physical locations and the best practice they can do is implement the guidelines that can resist the attacks.


WE consider payless merchant solutions full of hardworking, loyal and trustworthy staff who are making sure to keep the firm secure from suffering from very low-risk factors. Sometimes the employees may be hesitant to pay proper attention to the criminal searching activity. We believe our staff at the customized small businesses conduct regular checkups at the terminals.

  • We suggest our merchant keep performing regular checkups to all the POS forms and the surrounding environments as well.
  • Maintaining records is the best way to keep a check on criminal activities. Make sure proper checkups are made even at the last minute.

Surveillance cameras

Surveillance cameras are essential as they keep the recordings at least for three to four months. The duty staff mustn’t have access to surveillance cameras. Cameras are adjusted in the right way so that they cannot be the Pin code of the people.

Service personnel

It is important to keep the proper details of the service personnel, make sure that you know the name, and the exact time.

Make sure you verify all the credentials of the service engineers. Make sure you confirm all the vendors or the services and confirm their identity. All the work related to security should be mentioned in the form of a clear-cut report.

Terminal connectivity

Modern terminals use a range of connectivity methods. Be aware that certain parts of transaction data are transmitted in clear text format. Since this data can be targeted by criminals, staff should understand and record all connections to the terminal. Note the entire cable path from the terminal to the point where it leaves your merchant location.

Wireless connectivity

The wireless connectivity enables the cash counters to be independent. Payless merchant solutions allow our customers to pay in proper privacy to avoid inconvenience. We track the number of terminals that are used every day and keep checking at the terminals.

Bluetooth and Wi-Fi enabled Terminals

The pos computer systems are connected to the terminal with Bluetooth or the wifi. These signals are operated over a short range to avoid any criminal activity. So these terminal security functions apply the security to all the security patches.

GPRS enabled terminals

Our terminals are connected to their host system via GPRS networks. It allows the merchant who is at different locations to make them accept credit card and debit card payments. It is crucial to keep the security of the terminals when they are not in use.

Data security

Cybercrime is increasing rapidly, criminals are working hard to target credit card or debit card details. We make sure our staff understand the loopholes of the systems and clarify how the Customized pos system for small business works.

Most of the merchants are unaware of the sensitive pieces of information that exist in the systems. We suggest all our customized pos system for small businesses to adopt the processes and the requirements of the Card industry data security.

  • To overcome the Customized pos system for small business weakness few steps are mentioned.
  • POs systems all in one require proper check and balance on the POS equipment.
  • Apart from virtual security, Physical security is important as it is crucial to keep the POS equipment and surrounding areas on watch.
  • We believe it is important to train our staff and the employees about the POS pieces of equipment that are used for the presentations.

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