Online Communication: Does It Make the World Bigger or Smaller?

We often hear the word ‘technology’ around us. Every industry be it medical, business, engineering, online communication, or even education; is working towards educational advancement.

If any company is ignorant to the technological developments and wants to practice the conventional operational methods only. Lacks behind in the end even if it were a monopolistic company once. Thus, it has become extremely crucial for businesses to adapt to the fast-paced changing world. And alter their functioning criteria to expedite revenue and growth.

What is Technology?


Technology is a result of scientific knowledge applied to form methods, tools, systems, devices. And even approaches to use them practically in the real world. (Collins, n.d.) Technology or mechanization introduced to make lives easier and convenient around the globe.

Anything that involves scientific methods to reduce the manual, labor-intensive job and replace it with machines is termed as technological development.

Why and how did technology get famous?

If we look into the world a few decades ago when technology was not very famous let alone not introduced fully, people performed most of their work manually taking them days, weeks, and even sometimes months to complete a task that after the arrival of automation became a job of a few hours.

Earlier when people used to travel, they had to plan three to four days of commute to cover the distance on an animal thus, making the world bigger for the inhabitants. Not only travelling but also communication used quite frequently these days also was not that easy in the past.

People used to post telegrams and write letters and had to wait for weeks to get the response from the receiver, sue to such long time periods, valuable time was lost and even people missed the most precious of the events due to late arrival of invitations. That is when the emergence of computerization took place and brought the people closer to each other or if said differently made the world a small global village.

What are the benefits of technology?


The introduction of technology proved to be a blessing in disguise, helping the businesses expand globally with ease. If we talk about business development specifically, modernization has helped greatly to spread the businesses beyond the domestic borders and offer their brand and services internationally through outsourcing.

Today with the help of advanced technology, a business operating in one country can hire labor from another country very easily. This type of international hiring is mostly common in the service industry since it is much easier to render the service than to manufacture a product overseas.

Service sectors like lawyer assistance, teaching or any kind of study material are now available online. For example, students can study abroad in international universities online sitting at their homes, along with it, they can have the best assignment services from around the globe just with a few clicks. (Postan, 2020)

Other than that, travelling has made easy than ever before. Earlier what took weeks to reach a destination has now converted to a few hours only with the arrival of airplanes. Tourism and travelling in the past designated for the rich only, but in the contemporary world where there are multiple means of travelling; people belonging to any social class can move and witness the world.

With the advent of technology, the arduous, and time-consuming process of moving from one place to another was simplified. And efficient for the explorers by allowing them to have quick planning and easy booking mobile applications.

Stay connected to their loved ones irrespective of their physical location, and to have a great travelling experience. All of this done with the help of computerization and automation that has eliminated the huge gap between people of the world. (Williampadilla, 2019)

How has technology helped in communication?

There was a time when online communication was an alien term for people but after the emergence and widespread of the internet, people become familiar with virtual reality and started connecting via the internet.

Online communication simply means minimizing the distance between friends, relatives, and even people sitting in a different country. Through online communication people not only can develop new hobbies but can be linked internationally since communication has been made much more, simpler, faster, and better.

Now students can have their degrees, dissertations, reports, and assignments done by professionals around the globe, all they have to do is visit online websites that provide the service and pay to do my assignment and they will have their work done in hours.

Above is just one example of online communication and its benefits, there are a number of different ways through which people can be associated via the internet even at a distance. (Ezeugo, 2021) For example;

• Emails

Emails are usually the formal way of communication but also used for other purposes. Through emails, people can send invitations, put reminders, and schedule meetings with others notifying both the sender and the receiver.

Emails are a great source of online communication when the data that is supposed to convey is large and have peculiar details that have to save.

• Social Media

Social media includes multiple platforms like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter, Telegram, and many more. That allow the users to not only send text messages but also share pictures, audios, and videos.

These platforms have become a great source of marketing. As well since the traffic on these sites is drastically huge and can attract a big number of people. Thus, social media plays a very critical role in today’s world and for that reason; there has been a speculated field in academics especially for learning the tactics of social media.

Benefits of Online Communication

It is a worldwide discussion that what is the purpose of online communication and whether it delivers any benefits. The answer to this would be yes, as the following are some of the known benefits of online communication. (Sethna, n.d.)

• Bigger platform

As discussed above social media being the most powerful and biggest platform. It stands true since through social media people have multiple options available to express themselves and make themselves heard publicly.
• Influential medium of conversation
These days it has become way easier to stay connected with your friends and family. Even though the distance with the help of such online communication websites is available. Thus, linking people closer than ever before.


Although, it remains a question whether online communication is bringing people closer or is maximizing the distance between them. The answer lies in the situation for example, during the times of COVID-19 when physical distance made compulsory.

It is the online ways that are making people go through a hard time. Through online systems, children are getting their education through online best assignment service. Industrialists are having their businesses intact, and people are connected with each other through monitors. Therefore, it can rightly said that online communication has been a benediction.


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