META TITLE: Are There Casinos Games With Low Houses Edge?

META DESC: There are four main casino games that you want to play because they have a low house edge. It means you have better chances of winning/ Read on to find out more!

Top Casino Games with a Low House Edge

You are more likely to win money if you bet in casino games that have a low house edge. For example, you can play Megaways slots, and it is reasonable because slot machines mostly have less than 5% house edge. Today, we will look into several casino games that have a low house edge, which you should explore to improve your winning odds.

What Is a House Edge?

The house edge is a built-in advantage of the casino in the way a game is designed. Even if the house edge is small, the casino will profit from it over the long term.

In essence, if the wager is $1, and the casino keeps $0.05 as profit, the house edge is 5%. By design, casinos have to do this to ensure that they have money to pay for their utilities and employees.

Games with a Low House Edge

1. Pai Gow Poker – 2.84%

In this game, you will receive seven cards. The aim is to beat the hand of the dealer by making one five-hand card and another two-hand card. There is a joker card that you can use as an Ace or complete any straight, flush, or royal flush hand.

Once you arrange your card, you must make sure that your five-card hand is higher than your two-card hand. You must place them face-down on the table.

To win, both your hands must beat the dealer’s hands. If only one hand wins, it is a draw. If you have the same hand, the dealer wins. The housed edge of the game comes from the fact that if you have a tie with the dealer, you lose. What makes this game exciting is that you are in control of your card.

2. European Roulette – 2.7%

European roulette is the variant with a single zero; it has 37 digits in total. In this game, you can make a straight wager on a number. If the ball lands on that number, you win 35:1. Given that your odds of winning are also 2.7% on a straight bet, you can improve this by putting your wager on odd/even bets, such as the black and red options.

If there are 18 black holes and 18 red holes plus one green hole, your wager on any black hole gives you a chance of 18 over 37 digits. Mathematically, this translates to a 48.65% chance of winning. The house, on the other hand, has a chance of 51.35%.

3. Slot Machines

Slot machines are the staple of casinos in both land-based and online ones. It is also one of the favourites of players, as slot machines are too easy to lay. In a slot machine, the goal is to line up a group of the same symbols on a particular style or placement. That placement is called a winning line.

By design, most slot machines payout at least 95% of all the bets to the players and only have a guarantee of 5%. The 95% is what you call RTP or return-to-player rate. Slot machines have different RTP rates. Some can even climb as high as 98%, and these are the slot machines you want to play. In essence, the casino gives back $98 for every $100 wagered in the game.

Of course, it is not a guarantee that you will get back $98 if you wager $100. It simply means that it is what the casino pays to all the players in the long term.

4. Blackjack – 1.5%

Blackjack has many variants, but the one-deck blackjack has the lowest house edge at 1.5%. At this rate, you lose $1.5 for every $100 you wager, but over the long term. The house edge of the casino in blackjack happens in the decision-making process. It is the player that acts first, not the player.

Often, the player will go bust, and the dealer does not have to do anything at all. If the player goes bust, the house wins automatically. The house dealer does not even have to look at his cards.

Now, if the player decides to stand, the dealer still has a chance to win. There are also rules where the dealer has to stand at sot 17 or hard 17. In some blackjack tables, the dealer has to keep on getting cards until he gets a 17.


It is true that in the long term, the house always wins. A casino game is designed to be favourable to the house. Despite that, you will find gems in an online or land-based casino where you can win if you do things right.

Pick your favourite from our list and play these games in an online casino. You do not have to pay real money as you practice. There are many online casinos that offer their games in demo mode, which means you play for free.

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