Luxurious Lifestyle in Dubai vs Reality

Luxurious Lifestyle in Dubai

Dubai turned out to be the most expensive city, a luxurious one and with many amenities. However, it is only possible when you have vast money in your pocket. In Dubai, you can experience visits those places which you have never imagined, like Burj Al Ara, Burj Khalifa, Desert Safari Dubai, and much more.

You can eat food at expensive restaurants, and it is also a luxurious vacation hub for visitors to spend their vacations and visit splendid places after spending tons of money.

Glimpse Of A Life in Dubai

Here you wake up with the aromas of the breakfast and coffee wafting past your nostrils; you eat a lavish breakfast while sitting in your room on the rotating bed, which overlooks the calm, cool waters of the Arabian Gulf. You take a luxurious bath in a Jacuzzi, surrounded by bubbles from famous products.

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Then you can put on your best; you decide to embark on a shopping spree at the best international luxury brands boutiques and eat at gastronomical restaurants, topped off by a 23-carat gold-covered cupcake.

Dubai Desert Safari
Dubai Desert Safari

Then you can enjoy a tasty lunch you indulge in a spa session on a hot afternoon. Your hot-air balloon ride takes you over the dunes of desert safari Dubai. There you can experience the exhilarating activities to cherish every moment. After a night of starlight, you stop in at one of the best restaurants in the city for dinner.

Sipping a cocktail while admiring the glittering city view from the rooftop restaurant. Having finished another day filled with adventure and luxury, you slip into your silk nightdress and go back to the softness of your bed.

Luxurious Places To Visit

Dubai Miracle Garden

Visiting here is a great way to have fun and get creative all at the same time. This exhibit features flower sculptures (flowers in the form of hearts, stars, etc.). Flowers are always refreshing and relaxing, and flower sculptures in such forms are sure to catch the eye no matter what.

Ski Dubai

Are you interested in experiencing winter during summer? Then Ski Dubai is the right place for you. Located inside the Mall of Emirates, it is an indoor ski resort. There is skiing, snowboarding, and just fun in the snow here. Everyone can have fun here.

Dubai Desert

An important tourist attraction is the Desert Safari Dubai. The beauty of the desert can only be appreciated by going on a desert safari because it allows one to see it close up. You can experience an exciting camel ride or a 4×4 drive through the dunes, witness live shows, and more.

The Dubai Mall

The Dubai Mall is a great place to go shopping if you’re looking for some serious purchases. There’s nothing you can’t find at this mall, which is one of the world’s most enormous. One can easily spend an entire day at the mall because it has many restaurants and cafes.

Reality Hit Harder

So, this is a lifestyle you can imagine in Dubai. Isn’t so? This luxury is not for everyone around the world. People in many Third world countries cannot even imagine spending one day like this. To visit Dubai, you need excess money; then you can accommodate yourself in a 3rd-star hotel that can be expensive for some, and then if you prefer shopping and visit places and malls, it is like spending all your savings on this tour. So, Dubai visit is something beyond expectations as it is nearly impossible for some people with limited income.

For Those Who Afford

You’ll get everything you want in Dubai after you land. Besides having all modern amenities, such as a minibar, TV set, etc. The hotels offer well-furnished rooms with modern furniture that lines up against the walls, giving the rooms an elegant appearance. It is advisable to book hotels in Dubai in advance via online booking portals that offer attractive deals and discounts.

Dubai has a wide range of attractions for people of different nationalities, from traditional to colossal shopping malls. It has something to offer every time of the year; no matter which season you are visiting, there will be some unique features that you will find exclusively available here only.

This city attracts tourists worldwide due to its rich culture and history. After enjoying a fantastic time during Dubai vacations, tourists take back precious memories and experiences with them.

Final Words

It is undeniable that Dubai is not a true tourist destination where people can forget their worries and relax on the beach, go on a desert safari, and go shopping. Those who can afford it will find it a full-pack of entertainment, while those who can’t are left with just a dream.


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