Live For Others Is The Main Purpose Of Life

We are on this earth with so many other species and the living life. But nature made us different from others. We have feelings and many others mind processing things. Which makes us different from others, this difference makes us humans. With these natural qualities nature also gives us responsibilities. To take care of this planet and the others.

But the reality of humans is that we are not nature care animals. We are living like them but we are worse than them. Because they do not mind like us but they care for nature and the same species. On the other side we humans have failed to support and care for others.

We humans are becoming fixed and care less, machines and machine life making us bad. Because we are only thinking for ourselves, we don’t care for others. We are only planning to secure a personal world and forget we are connected with each other. That means we can’t remain happy with only self-care.

The criteria of our living are not supportive for the others which are connected with the below average line. That’s why from our line some of the good people group standing up for others. This makes our world balanced and a better place, otherwise lower level and upper-level humans can end this world.

Here we are going to discuss how good people make this world a better place for helping others. As they think this is the main purpose of this life in the limited life time.

Planning and focusing on the education for the people

Need to educate the people is not only the government and the relatives matters. We as humans need to think about it, as all humans are equal by making and structure. So, every human has equal rights, the main purpose of life is to lift up others. This is the criteria of success and failure; self-assessment is enough for it.

Planning and focusing on the food for the people

We as humans know that the world is facing a food crisis, many of the people don’t have two-time meals. Furthermore, many of the people skip many days without eating anything. This is our job to feed them and think for them, as this is the main matter for the human’s survival. Without thinking about the difference of status and personal life focusing.

Many of the good people team are getting into this setup to plan everything.

For the people arrangement of the shelters

Normally many people do not think or even imagine staying at night in hot or cold weather without shelter. This is quite horrible and many of the people are living that kind of life. With this feeling many of the good people team working separately and as an organization to support those people.

As this is a very bad image of humans, they really do not care for others.

Setting and planning for clean water supply for people

Water is the essential need for survival for any living thing on this earth. But the fact is that many humans are facing death without it. But we are humans and we have the mind to think for others. But that thinking is only limited for personal benefits only.

That is the main fact and many of the small teams work for others. So, push others to be a part of a good reason.

Do stand and fight for original matters for minorities

In many of the country’s human rights and voice for human rights does not exist. Many of the minorities are facing huge trouble in their daily living. Because other majorities are pushing them and behaving with them very badly.

Care and plan for the women development and rights

The women treatment and their value is not as the men, this is hard to listen but this is reality. The treatment with them is not less than the animals, especially in the developed countries. Because with the standard maintenance people using and treating them as a tissue. Which is totally unacceptable because they are humans also, they have same respect.

That’s why many of the smart teams are working on their support and stand with them as well.

Managing for the old and untreated people for their healthy survival

We know that humans calculate the values on the basis of their work. As the age of the human increases this means they become useless for work and earning. That’s why many people in other countries kick them out of their homes.

Helping out for the homeless and planning for them

The perfect relaxation and care is not possible without the home. That’s why good people work for the planning of their proper home. This is a very good activity which only few people do. But as humans we need to do this for the proper survival of homeless people.

Establishment health system for the poor and needy people

Poor people always face health problems, that means they need proper care from hospitals. This is the need of the time, by doing this can save lots of lives. But we as humans are not good enough to handle this worst situation. The idea behind this is that you have to think for others. Without it you have no meaning and enjoy life.

Arrangement planning for the regular supply for the medicines

The industries are moving up and the treatment is going down, because it has become expensive. The poor people are unable to afford it due to the high prices. Those people who have nothing, so they have no way for the treatment and holdings.

Planning of the different collection and paying of charity

They are doing their best to plan and to do collections for the lower level or needy people. As many people are unable to help on the ground but they can help by amount. On the other hand, many people can help by their efforts and physical presence. The combination of that team makes a Charity organization for parent women as well to secure their life.

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